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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Finale Review

If you haven’t watched the season five finale of “The Walking Dead,” stop reading.

I know I’m late to the party but i just have to blog about the finale.

Glen! Glen, why would you follow that fool outside the fence?? I was screaming every time Glen was on the screen because I could not deal with the possibility of his death. About the chat he had with Maggie, declaring his love, I thought he was going to die since the producers are not afraid of killing characters off the show. Like i was crying.  But Glen proved why i love his character, he had the opportunity to kill Nicholas but he didn’t, despite the hurt and lies Nicholas had put the newcomers through, instead he helped him to the Victoria. Let’s not forget Nicholas shot Glen in the shoulder.

It was not only Glen  that had me screaming, Darly had me shouting. Offering to sacrifice himself so Aaron could get to safety was a big no-no for me. I mean i understand Daryl’s character, he always puts his life on the line for his family, and he mostly gets the food for the group even if he cleans it on your new front porch.  But Darly dying or injured is not acceptable.

Rick Grimes, how I love you despite your faults. I know he didn’t want to go to Alexandria, but he did it for his family. He will always protects his clan first.

imagePete walks in the meeting with Michonne’s katana. Reg tried to stop Pete from attacking Rick, but Pete accidentally slits Reg’s throat.  Deanna saying “do it,” and without any objections or reasoning.  Rick shot the doctor, wife beater in the head. I was like oh. Oh. Oh.

But, but, but… Deanna, I thought a doctor was needed for the new world, for the community. I guess when your loved one dies in front of you, while trying to make peace, you become like Rick, which is what Maggie said earlier during the meeting. She allowed the killing of Pete in front of the people without allowing his family to say goodbye. I wimageas surprised no one was fighting or screaming to save Pete.

Oh Morgan! Why did you have to walk in on that scene, where Deanna ordered Rick to kill the “weak” doctor? The Rick you knew is not the Rick you initially met. I am glad you are safe and sound, and you survived the encounter with the Wolves. I understand not killing the Wolves because every life is precious but how does one ignore inhumane acts? Do you notice every bad person that is not killed always comes back and bites their asses? The Wolf clan knows where Alexandria is because Aaron left his bag while fighting for his life. But thank goodness you were there to safe Darly and Aaron who were trapped while looking to recruit people.

More development, Tara is awake, Maggie, Sasha and Father Gabriel finally had a moment to pray and realize they are left alive for a reason; like Morgan said, “all lives are precious.” Carl doesn’t have to fight anymore and yes, they have a home. Nicholas shot Glen in the shoulder while they were outside the gate. Father Gabriel didn’t lock the gate, not accidentally; allowing walkers to roam in. Rick killed the walkers, which was why he was late to the meeting. The meeting about his fate at Alexandria. Oh Yes!!! The talk Carol and Pete had was totally bad ass. I lost count how many times she called Pete “weak!!”

But I wonder when the people of Alexandria will meet the Wolves who kill humans and make them their meat? I can’t wait for season six!

What did you think of the season finale? Was it what you hoped for and more, or not?

Comic-Con: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Premiere Date And Trailer Revealed


The forthcoming season of “The Walking Dead” is set to debut on Oct. 13. The news was revealed Friday during the series’ Comic-Con panel.

In the trailer below, the group are trying to assimilate with the leftover townfolks of Woodbury and Grimes’ gang, while also trying to fight off the growing number of walkers, while is proving difficult.

Watch the four-minute trailer below.