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‘Revenge’ Cancelled After Four Seasons

ABC no longer longs for “Revenge.”

The dramatic tales of the Hampton which follows Emily Clarke’s (Emily VanCamp) thirst for revenge against those who destroyed her father is coming to an end, EW reports.

Sunil Nayar said in a statement, “We can officially tell our fans that this will be the end of the story. … We’ve been talking to the network and we all just wanted to make sure that we felt very confident.”

How do you feel about the news?


Ashley Madekwe Leaving ‘Revenge’


Emily Thorne’s “Revenge” is down another actor.

Ashley Madekwe, who played Ashley Davenport, Victoria’s event planner turned Conrad’s assistance and campaign PR is leaving the drama series, TVLine reports.

Madekwe joins fellow actor Connor Paolo, whose character Declan Porter died in the second season finale.

Will you miss Madekwe (Ashley)?

‘Revenge’ Season 2 ep.1: ‘Destiny’ Recap.

All ye “Revenge” fans, guess who is back on TV….Emily Throne! 👌👌👌

New season new priorities! The season opens with Emily trying so hard to retrieve the memories of her mother without the help of Takeda. Remember him? Her Japanese Kung fu trainer who is apparently responsible for Amanda’s return to Jack’s life..but is also trying to stop her from finding the hidden memories. I’m very curious to know exactly what he is trying to avoid.

How could I forget the very pregnant Amanda? Who still wants Jack all to herself and hopes it stays that way. Jack is definitely not so thrilled about becoming a father especially while struggling to make ends meet. We shall see how that plays out and what exactly happened between Amanda and Takeda.

The Graysons’ seem to be doing well with the death of Victoria Grayson, especially our dear Charlotte. Charlotte has been receiving treatment for her addiction and was almost declared a cured patient until her father’s plan was successful on the Memorial Day for her beloved mother. She panicked in front if everyone yelling at Conrad that he planned her failed drug test and that he also planned her mother’s plane crash. Right before Charlotte was dragged away to her confinement she whispered to Emily that her mother, Victoria Grayson is very much alive…Shocker!!!

Why is Conrad doing this? He wants the court to give him full access to Charlotte’s inheritance and hopes Daniel will also invest in the family business…can’t stand him right now, ugh! 😤😡

“The white haired man” is back working with Victoria Grayson and their mission is to take out Emily Thorne, why? Because she knows Victoria is alive…hmm, me thinks this season is about to be hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!

“Revenge” airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

What do you think?

‘Revenge’ First Look: ‘Resurrection’ Photos

“Revenge’s” season 2 premiere is just a day away!

From the looks of ‘Resurrection’ photos, Charlotte (played by Christa B. Allen) is very much alive and engaging in a conversation with her half-sister. The white-haired man, (played by James Morrison) can be seem lurking around. According to TV Guide, we will learn the name of the white-haired man this season.

‘Revenge’ Season 2 Scoop: New Relationships, New Characters, and More Secrets

There is the official description of ‘Resurrection’ – the second episode of the forthcoming season

“Resurrection” – Things get complicated as Emily continues to delicately weave her way back into the Graysons’ lives while remaining tied to Amanda and her unborn child.

“Revenge” premieres Sun., Sept. 30 on ABC.

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‘Revenge’ Season 2 Premiere: ‘Destiny’ Photos

ABC’s hit drama “Revenge” doesn’t return until Sept. 30, but we wish it premieres tomorrow.

‘Revenge’ Season 2 Scoop: New Relationships, New Characters, and More Secrets

The last finale left us with a major cliff hanger: Emily’s mum is alive. But Emily’s mum isn’t the only one appearing in the upcoming season. Barry Sloane, who plays Ethan a mystery man from Emily’s past will also be featured in the drama’s second season.

Emily seeks revenge in ‘Revenge’ Season 2 Promo!

Here is ABC description of the premiere:

In the wake of last summer’s events in the Hamptons and with the ante even higher, what will Emily’s next move be? Will she be able to manage her heart and keep her emotions from getting in the way of her resolve to avenge her father?

“Revenge” season 2 premieres Sun., Sept. 30 at 8c on ABC.

Check out the pictures below.

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‘Revenge’ Season 2 Promo!


Has Emily bitten more than she can chew?

The 30-second teaser show Emily might be losing control over her revenge plan. In the last scene, Emily appears to be tied to a post in the ocean, drowning as the tide rises.

Watch the promo below. Revenge returns Sunday Sept. 30 at 9/8c on ABC.

‘Revenge’ Season 2 Scoop: New Relationships, New Characters, and More Secrets.

ABC’s hit drama, ‘Revenge’ returns Sun., Sept. 30 for a second season. The season finale left viewers with a major cliff-hanger, but before the season begins, here are some spoilers to satisfy your thirst.

  • The upcoming season picks up a couple of months after the first season finale. Like season one, there will be a “flash-forward to the end of summer, and a terrible event that occurs, then we bring the audience back to the start of the summer,” Kelley told Huff Post TV.
  • Emily gets a blast from the past. Barry Sloane plays the mystery guy, Ethan who went through an identity transformation when he met Emily, then Amanda Clarke. Executive producer Mike Kelly told TVLine, “They [were] very angry kids, and they’re both from the same situation. They’ve lost similar things, and they [came] together.”
  • Nolan’s sexuality, family and company, NolCorp will be explored next season. Nolan love interest next season will be a female. “There’s something about [Nolan] that is so disarming and nobody has said to me one thing about his [bisexuality]. … He’s quite open about what he is … It’s about the person in front of him,” Kelly told Huff Post TV.
  • If you still doubt Amanda’s pregnancy, don’t any further. Amanda IS pregnant. Does Jack think he is the father? Nick Wechsler (Jack) told TVLine, “There’s no way he doesn’t have questions. But his obligation is making him turn a blind eye to certain things. At a certain point, he’s going to have to face it.”
  • Emily’s secret (her identity) is out of the bag. Huff Post TV says, someone “very important” will find her who Emily really is. Any guesses?
  • Kelly told TVLIne, Daniel is going to get darker next season, and Ashley is going to be along for the ride. “Things are not going well right now. He’s reverting back to the person he was before Emily came into the picture, and also feeling his DNA, which is Grayson through and through.”
  • Conrad’s kids and ex-wife from his previous marriage will be revealed in season two. We will also meet Victoria’s mother, although there is no word yet if Victoria’s reign is over. I hope not.
  • When asked if Emily’s target of revenge will change, Kelly told  Huff Post TV, “I think as she learns more and more about what exactly happened and is at stake, yeah, things evolve. If this show doesn’t evolve, it gets boring. The world [of the show] gets much bigger, It’ll keep mushrooming.”

The second season of “Revenge” premieres Sunday, Sept., 30 at 9/8c on ABC. 

‘Revenge’: Reckoning, Season Finale Recap.

Well well well…how about that season finale? I was worried it was going to end like a series finale at some point, like what is the next season going to be about??? The creators of “Revenge” did not disappoint me. Let’s talk about the highlights of this finale.


Emily sought out to avenge her father’s death by killing the white-haired man who killed her father, but she spared his life to “honor” her father. She showed compassion! That was the first time she ever did to the bad people. That was a mistake because he knows her identity and her relation to the Graysons. I hope she will handle it with ease if she needs to.

Daniel and Emily broke up because they both felt like they have “changed”. They called off the engagement after Daniel confronted her about the kiss she shared with Jack.This was one of the scenes that made me happy :). I really did not want them together, the break up made her execute her plans easier. It seems like Daniel will be hooking up with Ashley. Who saw that coming? I did.

Victoria Grayson convinced Lydia to accompany her to give testimonies to which will exonerate David Clarke. Daniel asked her not to board the plane to Washington, she refused because she recently found out that David Clarke did not die a natural death in prison, Conrad killed him. :O

Nolan is alive!!! Yay!! 😀 Thanks to Emily for saving him. At least Emily still has someone in her corner. When he asked  her what she was going to do. She said she will tell Jack everything. She loves Jack!

Just when we thought everything was going smoothly, the truth will be revealed, Victoria was going to testify with Lydia on the SEC jet with all the evidence to prove David Clarke’s innocence…terrible things happen! It was announced that the plane caught on fire shortly after it took off. Guess who else we saw before it took off? The white-haired man! It was said that there were no survivors. VICTORIA GRAYSON DEAD!

Charlotte collapsed after her pill over dose. Amanda shows up with a baby in the bun when Emily was about to claim her love. Hey, guess what else! Emily’s mother is alive!

Now that’s how to end a season! Let the suspense begin!

Is Victoria Grayson really dead??

What is going to happen to Charlotte?

Is Jack the father of Amanda’s baby??

Everyone’s calling the love triangle between Emily, Daniel, Ashley and Jack the “quadrangle”. Season 2 needs to hurry!!

‘Revenge:’ Episode 16 “Scandal” Who Killed Tyler?

Yeah I know, My recap is LATE! I am sorry about that. I missed it when it aired. Ok enough of my excuses…

This week’s episode was something! As I mentioned in last week’s’ recap,  Daniel was arrested for the murder of Tyler. Do you remember what I said I was really curious about last week? If Daniel really understood what Tyler was trying to explain to him about who “Emily” really is and her real motives. Well, it seemed like Daniel was after answers before he was arrested. However, he still maintained that he does not remember exactly what happened leading to the death of Tyler. As you know you can always trust Emily to be GREAT at convincing him that she is being honest with him.


*Jack found the receipt of the wireless electronic transfer in Amanda’s jacket at the back seat of his jeep. He thinks the Graysons sent it to her and know about her whereabouts… Yes, you guessed right, she’s still missing in action.

*Nolan has been working  for Satoshi to protect Emily…Who saw that coming? Because I didn’t

*Charlotte is looking for closure (wants to know about her father and her sister’s life) in the wrong places, pill containers.

*Daniel was denied bail, sometimes it sucks being that wealthy.

*Victoria Grayson seems to blame Amanda…not sure how that makes sense,or maybe it will later.

*Ashley as we know has always being power-hungry. She is still going by it the wrong way...if she continues this way she will end up scarier and more desperate than Victoria Grayson. 

And the best for last…Daniel shot Tyler but did NOT kill him. Satoshi DID! He  finished Tyler even after his plea for help while Daniel was unconscious for a second. Satoshi told Emily he did it in her favor because he was trying to keep her past a secret. Since Emily is aware of this, how do you think the next episode will unfold?  Is she’s going to prove Daniel’s innocence?  And if she does, who is she going to put the blame on? Or better still, is this is a situation she cannot control for once? Share your thoughts with me…


“Revenge” returns Wednesday, April 18 on ABC at 9 p.m. CST.

“Revenge:” ‘Chaos;’ Episode 15…AND THE DEAD BODY ON THE BEACH BELONGED TO?

How about that last episode of Revenge! I just watched it and it had me glued to my couch…where do I begin? Hold up! If you have not watched “Chaos,” stop right here..Spoiler Alert!! Duh!!

Last episode of ‘Revenge’ left us with the killing suspense about who stole Emily’s father’s secret box. As we know it contains all the juicy details about her true identity and the real reason she is back in the Hampton. The story brought us back to the pilot – Emily and Daniel’s engagement party – the party scene we have all been waiting for.


…Emily found out Tyler stole her box, kidnapped “Amanda” and revealed all – almost all – Emily’s secrets to “Amanda” so he could sabotage their relationship.

Tyler made sure he did more damage this time by showing Daniel a picture of  the people Emily sought revenge from – those she had targeted and those she is yet to – although, I am not sure he really understood it.

Mrs. Grayson as we know loves to be in every second of her son’s life.  She did not disappoint us when she threw herself on the dead body lying on the beach thinking it was Daniel’s!. Alas! it was not! the dead body belonged to Tyler! SHOCKER!!!

This episode left me with loads of questions! For one, why did “Amanda” leave Jack’s boat one second then was standing over Tyler’s dead body the next second?  What really happened between Daniel and Tyler after he saw that picture? Does Daniel know about the real “Amanda”?…we do not know…yet!  But we do know that Victoria Grayson is going to protect her son till the end even if he is responsible for the death of Tyler.

Share your thoughts. Who do you think killed Tyler? Daniel or “Amanda”?

In the next episode “Scandal,” Daniel is going be arrested for murder…I’m dying to find out if they (Emily and Daniel) are still engaged.

Revenge returns in two weeks! *sucks* I can’t wait. Here is a sneak peek of next week’s episode.

Revenge airs on Wednesdays,  at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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