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Review: Rosy Lovers


COUNTRY: South Korea

Genre: Romance, Family Drama

Episodes: 52

Synopsis: The story of a college student couple who unintentionally becomes parents and realize the true meaning of love and life. Jang Mi is an immature mama’s girl who grew without experiencing any hardship in life. Unlike her parents’ will to marry her off to a promising man they choose for her, Jang Mi has the hope to marry someone she falls madly in love with. As she dates innocent engineering student Cha Dol, she slowly begins to realize the meaning of love.

Story Line

I got hooked on Rosy Lovers from the very beginning. I decided to give it a go because I’m a fan of Lee Jang Woo, who played Cha Dol. The innocent puppy love between Jang Mi and Cha Dol, and crazy family drama in the first couple of episodes drilled me in. It’s a typical Korean family drama with the secrets, twits and turns. The not so typical part about it was the story line. The synopsis does not do it justice. Jang Mi and Cha Dol are two college students who were in love and fell pregnant unexpectedly.

The story showed how the couple dealt with their unplanned pregnancy, how each member of their families dealt with it. They really showed us how different people react and deal with situations when life happens that a lot of people can relate to. We are so used to stories about single mothers, and runaway fathers but it was the other way around. So I just gave a spoiler, sorry! No more spoilers, I promise 🙂

It centers around the couple and the entanglements between families. It was funny, thanks to Yoon Ah Jung who played, SeRa and  Choi Phillip who played her lover, Go Jae Dong. I cried. I had scenes that made me mad, so mad I had to pause whatever episode and continue later. I had lots of moments when I just had to cry it out and come back to the show later or finish the episode on another day. It was intense.


I love long family dramas – at least 30 episodes. The story showed a whole lot about the dynamics of the different families involved. There’s the rich chaebol family, the middle class family,the single parent poor family.You know the characters are doing their job if you’re loving or hating their characters. Some you just can’t stand. I had a problem believing Kim Min Seo’s character, Baek Seo Ryun. Then I remembered I enjoyed her in The Moon Embracing The Sun. and thought that’s what the writer wanted. Other wise,The characters were believable.


Initially, it was supposed to be 50 episodes and eventually got an addition of 2 more episodes. I don’t have a problem with extra episodes added mid season or last minute. My problem was every fate of each character, family, couple was concluded in the last episode. It made me wonder if the writer really planned it out well. I mean every thing I was expecting (or not expecting) happened all in an episode. That is poor in my book. Happy endings? Yes please, Sad endings? I love surprises. But all in the last episodes for more than 10 characters with different relationships? No, thank you! The conclusion could have spanned out through the last five episodes. A family drama with about 15 important characters should have ended better. It could have been shorter than 52 episodes.

Rating: 4/5

Am I going to watch it again? : Maybe

Should you watch?: Yes. The story is great. It will keep you wanting more.


KDrama “Maids

Title: Maids

Country: South Korea

Genre: Historical, Romance

Episodes: 20

Synopsis: Set during the Joseon Period. Kook In-Yeob (Jung Yoo-Mi) is the only child in a noble family. She is famous for her beauty and stylish appearance. Due to an incident, her status falls to the lower class. As she struggles through her misfortune, she becomes stronger. Servant Moo-Myeong (Oh Ji-Ho) is the most attractive servant in Hanyang, but he is also a mysterious man who hides his real identity and pretends to be a servant. 


Main Cast

Jung Yoo Mi as Gook In Yub
Oh Ji Ho as Moo Myung / Lee Bi
Kim Dong Wook as Kim Eun Gi
Lee Shi Ah as Heo Yoon Ok

Other Cast

Lee Cho Hee as Sa Wol Yi
Im Hyun Sung as Poong Yi

Kim Gab Soo as Kim Chi Kwon
Jin Hee Kyung as Lady Han

Park Chul Min as Heo Eung Cham
Jun Mi Sun as Lady Yoon
Lee Yi Kyung as Heo Yoon Seo
Lee El as Lady Kang
Jun So Min as Dan Ji
Lee Yun Kyung as Dan Ji’s mother
Chae Gook Hee as Hae Sang
Kim Jong Hoon  as Dduk Soe
Jun Soo Jin as Gae Ddong Yi

K-drama Review: Maids

Let me start by saying that the drama was enjoyable. I really enjoy watching South Korean historical dramas. The characters were very believable. When characters make you love, hate them, etc you know they are doing a great job playing their roles. I was exited to see something new from Jung Yoo Mi, the last drama I watched that she was in is, Dong Yi.  Oh Ji Ho was great, my first time watching his work and i became a fan. I enjoyed watching his role. I also loved Jun So Min’s character, I’m going to have my eyes out for more from her. Enough about the characters, on to the drama. I was hooked from the beginning, I couldn’t stop watching. Jung Yoo Mi is a great actress. I went through all emotions watching Maids. The plot is really good. It was so good that I was disappointed because it was rushed. I wanted more. Twenty episodes were not enough and I’m still upset about it. Also, I hated the end. I hate endings where the writers leave me to make my own conclusions or what not. I’m not asking for a happy ending, just want a clear and clean conclusion.  They were certain character developments I wanted to see on-screen. How relationships blossomed or not. I just felt like a lot was missing towards the end.  Like I said, I expected and wanted more. All in all, it was a good drama.

My rating 4 out 5.

Have you seen? What did you think? Would you watch it again?



Souces: AsainWiki and KoreanDrama




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DramaTitle: Healer

Country: South Korea

Type: Action & Romance

Episodes: 20

Synopsis: Source from AsianWiki

Kim Moon-Ho (Yoo Ji-Tae) is a popular reporter at major broadcasting company. One day, he learns the truth of a case that took place in the past. He intentionally approaches people who are related to the case and helps them. While doing so, he agonizes over the truth and beliefs.

Meanwhile, with the help of Kim Moon-Ho, internet reporter Chae Young-Shin (Park Min-Young) and Seo Jung-Hoo (Ji Chang-Wook), known as “Healer,” grow into real reporters. 



Omo guys!! this drama is brilliant. Everything from the scorching chemistry between Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook to the intense action scenes kept me glued to my screen. You know that kdrama moment when you’re so into the drama and u realize you’ve been screaming at the screen like an idiot for the past 30 seconds?

All the characters were interesting, none of them was boring to watch. No, you won’t have the need to skip any scenes. You might not get into it initially, It took  me 3 episodes before  I really got the hang of it plus you have to pay close attention to it.  The action scenes, they were believable.  I enjoyed watching the love unfold between Park Min Young and Ji Chang Wook.  They were really not shy to give us a lot of skinship.  It reminded me of Iris. The combo of romance and action in a k-drama, just loved it! Weeks later and i’m still raving about it.

Some k-drama lovers compared it to City Hunter (Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho starred in it) because of the action and romance and the fact that Park Min Young starred in it. I prefer Healer. City Hunter is good, but Healer is better. I still love Lee Min Ho 🙂 This is the best I have seen Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young and I bet they feel the same. I love when underrated actors are given a platform to bring their best and they deliver. I wish the end was longer, it was kinda short compared to the complexity of the drama.

K-drama writers have  been a great job this past year. They are not the typical chaebol boy meets poor girl stories. Different and very refreshing. There are times I think about the writers and i’m like “thank you”.

Ok, enough of my ramblings, have you seen Healer? What are your thoughts? Want to see Healer?

What Happens to My Family?

Drama Title: What Happens to My Family? Also known as: What’s    What_Happens_to_My_FamilyKBS22014-24With This Family?

Year: 2014

Country: South Korea

Type: Drama

Episodes: 53

Synopsis: Source from Viki

Every family has its issues but what happens when the patriarch in the family is not happy with the behaviors of his children? Cha Bong Soon does not intend to just sit back and take bad treatment from his three adult children – Cha Kang Shim, Cha Gang Jae and Cha Dal Bong – and decides to take legal action against them. With such chaos going on in her family, Kang Shim has a tough time focusing on her job as secretary to the president of Daeoh Company and constantly at odds with the president’s son, Moon Tae Joo, the company director.


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

What Happens to My Family moved me, like really moved me.  I enjoyed watching the love between the members of the Cha family. I laughed and cried so hard. It makes you understand the self-less love of a parent. It gave the right dose of romance, comedy, and drama. It is quite long, 53 episodes…yes, but every episode was worth watching.  Although, I was not familiar with most of the characters, they were all believable.

I enjoyed watching the love blossom between Kim Hyun Joo(Kang Shim) and Kim Sang Kyun(Moon Tae Joo). Tae Joo was very funny, I loved his facial expressions in every scene he was in; believe it or not those (facial expressions) played their part. He was quite interesting, and loving.  I became a fan.

Son Dam Bi’s character, Kwon Hyo Jin was quite annoying to the very last episode, she played one of those typical k-drama spoiled immature brats.  What was crazy was she matured before her mother,Kyun Mi Ri (Heo Yang Geum) did.  Kwon Hyo Jin was well suited for the arrogant Yoon Park(Cha Gang Jae). I felt like slapping Cha Kang Jae during the first half of the drama. That should tell you a lot about him, right? ughhh!

Yoo Dong Geun played my favorite character, Cha Bong Soon. He was the greatest teacher, father, and brother. He’s relationship with  his sister, Cha Soon Geum (Yang Hee Kyun) was refreshing and his last born, Cha Dal Bong(Park Hyung Sik) is just like him.  I know what you’re thinking, he is my favorite and that’s all i have to write about him? I just can’t explain it, you have to watch the drama.

Fav Music/OST: I Told You by Yozoh

Would I re-watch it? Yes but not soon. 53 episodes is a lot.

If you’ve have watched What Happens To My Family?, what are you thoughts about?

The last episode was last week Sunday, so if you haven’t, you can have a marathon here

Need new K-drama’s to watch?  I recommend THESE

Favorite K-dramas : 2009 -2014

Happy New Year! Hope it is off to a great start already!

Image result for kdrama memes

I decided to introduce K-drama to the blog! For those who do not know, “K-drama” is an abbreviation for Korean Drama. I enjoy watching these television dramas from South Korea.  A friend of mine introduced me to it and I have been hooked for almost four years now. I’m Nigerian and no, I’m not fluent in Korean language but I think I’m getting there, *side eye”

It started with Boys Over Flowers, boy oh boy, was I hooked. After that drama marathon, I wanted MORE!. More of Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong! More of the drama, the love, the romance… really, i thought it was that good. Just like that I was welcomed to the world of K-drama.

Here are my favorite kdramas in no particular order:

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

Image result for BOYS OVER FLOWERS

This drama made me cry and laugh so much.  Half the time I caught myself screaming at my iPad. Yeah, we both know that’s normal, right?  It was my first initiation to the Chaebol craze and second lead syndrome. Lee Min Ho and Ku Hye Sun have us that young love which consisted of petty fights, misunderstandings and make ups. You definitely can not have a kdrama without character developments.  Personally, Boys over Flowers was so popular  when it aired so that is also a plus. Ah! I enjoyed it. Watch why Lee Min Ho got so popular here

Can You Hear My Heart (2011)

Synopsis: Hwang Jung Eum played the role of Bong Woo Ri,  a  young woman who did her best to provide and protect her deaf mother and mentally ill father. Family trials brought Bong Woo Ri closer to a deaf rich man, Dong Joo(Kim Jae Won) who is hunted by his family’s dark secrets

Omo! Omo! This drama right here was so good. I became a fan of Hwang Jung Eum because of her performance in this drama. The cast was great. This is a must-see, It is going to tug at your heart-strings. Do not sleep on this drama.  Get your tissues ready and Watch it here

A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012)

Synopsis: four best friends in their 40s dealing with their romantic and professional lives. Jang Dong Gun stars as the male lead(Kim Do-Jin) who wants love but does not want to share his wealth. Kim Ha Neul stars as the female lead, she plays Seo Yi-Soo,  who falls in love with Kim Do-Jin.

A Gentleman’s Dignity was mature and refreshing drama. Initially, I was not going to watch it, but it was really good. It is not about that young annoying love stories. It is mature but cute and kept me wanting more. I have seen it twice, yup! it’s that good. All the cast were great and it was my first time watching any of their work. Watch it here

My Love from Another Star (2013)

Synopsis:It is about an alien, Do Min Joo (Kim Soo Hyun), who crash landed on earth and was left behind, thus lived on earth for 400 years among humans and falls in love with an actress, Cheon Song-Yi ( by Jun Ji Hyun).

I am not much of a sci-fi fan; fantasy? yes. but not Sci-fi. I am not interested in all that vampire, alien, time traveling type of anything. I decided to be open-minded and gave it a go. My Love From Another Star had me in stitches from the first episode. seven out of ten times when a drama begins that good, the drama keeps that winning streak to the very last episode. It was very entertaining. I enjoyed it…duh! Please tell me you’ve seen it too. If you haven’t, Watch it here

The Moon Embracing The Sun (2012)

Synopsis: the story of the undying love between the crown prince, Lee Kwon (Kim Soo Hyun) and a noble girl, Wol (Han Ga In). Wol was chosen as the crown princess but was believed dead until she reappeared 8 years later with no memory of her past. The kid actors were really good, I wished Han Ga In gave me more.I Felt like I was not getting something from her. Or maybe I’m just biased towards Kim You Jung who played the younger Wol. Yeah, she  is one of my favorite South Korean actresses. Anyway, If you are still sleeping on this drama, you need to wake up!! The cast should make you give it a try. Watch it here

Heirs (2013)

File:The Heirs - Korean Drama-p1.jpg
Solange, They did it first, yeah!. You know…that pose at your wedding that “broke the internet?”. well, they kinda did…

I do not think I need to introduce this majestic drama. It is everywhere, Heirs was quite popular when it aired. Even my mom watched with me and my sis. I remember the three of us spending time watching it together, it was a date! I have seen Heirs thrice… *covers face*. More than K-drama romance, I really enjoy watching it’s bromance, and Heirs gave me that and more.

Off topic but can I just rant for sec here? I really do not know which pair I prefer; Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin or Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin( School 2013). I need them all in a drama. Wouldn’t that be great? *fans self*

Watch Park Shin Hye’s fall in love with Lee Min Ho here

Dong Yi (2010)

This was the time Kim You Jung became one of the  kid actresses I love to watch.

Synopsis: This is a historical drama based on the life of Dong Yi (Kim You Jung) who was later known as Choi Suk Bin (Han Hyo Joo), who was born a commoner that became a concubine to the King. Choi Suk Bin had to overcome political and personal battles to protect  and raise her son, the future king.

Dong Yi  is  was the reason Kim You Jung became one of the  kid actresses I love to watch. It is my all time favorite historical korean drama. It is also a true life story. I do not know a lot of K-drama fans who have seen this. Most people over look it  because it is historical and has 60 episodes. ha ha, yes! 60 episodes. I was hooked from the beginning. I recommend you to give it a try. If you liked Han Hyo Joo in Shinning Inheritance, you will love her in this drama. I think I might just watch it again. Watch it here

Iris (2009)


Synopsis: Two sworn brothers Hyeong Jun (Lee Byun Hun) and Sa Won(Jeong  Jun Ho) who are elite agents of the National Security Systems both fall  for fellow agent, Seung Hee(Kim Tae Hee). Hyeong Jun goes on an assignment in Hungary where he was betrayed. Upon returning to South Korea,  Hyeong Jun believed that everyone in his organization was either dead or working for the enemy. While Hyeong Jun carried out his revenge, he begins to discover the secrets of IRIS, a secret organization.

This is by faaaar (yeah, the distance is clear) my favorite action K-drama. It was thrilling, intense, romantic and exciting. I did not want it to end. I miss it so much (I bet I’m not the only one that has felt this way about certain dramas). The battle between love and duty. Ahh, it was one of my firsts and it was amazing, got me excited when I learned that a sequel series was in the works. Although the sequel was good, just was not the synopsis I expected. Watch IRIS here

Some Other kdramas I enjoyed are:

  • Bridal Mask
  • King 2 Hearts
  • Emergency Couple
  • Fated To Love You
  • City Hunter
  • Personal Taste
  • Coffee Prince
  • Secret Garden
  • Ice Adonis
  • Jang Bo Ri is Here
  • Pinocchio
  • Marriage, Not Dating
  • Hotel King
  • Gu Family Book
  • School 2013
  • Shining Inheritance
  • Three Brothers
  • Cunning Single Lady

 Happy New Year! Hope it is off to a great start already! I decided to introduce Kdrama to the blog! For those who do not know, "kdrama" is an abbreviation for Korean Drama. I enjoy watching these d...

I would like some recommendations too! What are some of your all time favorites?

‘Revenge’ Season 2 ep.1: ‘Destiny’ Recap.

All ye “Revenge” fans, guess who is back on TV….Emily Throne! 👌👌👌

New season new priorities! The season opens with Emily trying so hard to retrieve the memories of her mother without the help of Takeda. Remember him? Her Japanese Kung fu trainer who is apparently responsible for Amanda’s return to Jack’s life..but is also trying to stop her from finding the hidden memories. I’m very curious to know exactly what he is trying to avoid.

How could I forget the very pregnant Amanda? Who still wants Jack all to herself and hopes it stays that way. Jack is definitely not so thrilled about becoming a father especially while struggling to make ends meet. We shall see how that plays out and what exactly happened between Amanda and Takeda.

The Graysons’ seem to be doing well with the death of Victoria Grayson, especially our dear Charlotte. Charlotte has been receiving treatment for her addiction and was almost declared a cured patient until her father’s plan was successful on the Memorial Day for her beloved mother. She panicked in front if everyone yelling at Conrad that he planned her failed drug test and that he also planned her mother’s plane crash. Right before Charlotte was dragged away to her confinement she whispered to Emily that her mother, Victoria Grayson is very much alive…Shocker!!!

Why is Conrad doing this? He wants the court to give him full access to Charlotte’s inheritance and hopes Daniel will also invest in the family business…can’t stand him right now, ugh! 😤😡

“The white haired man” is back working with Victoria Grayson and their mission is to take out Emily Thorne, why? Because she knows Victoria is alive…hmm, me thinks this season is about to be hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥!!

“Revenge” airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

What do you think?

‘Revenge’: Reckoning, Season Finale Recap.

Well well well…how about that season finale? I was worried it was going to end like a series finale at some point, like what is the next season going to be about??? The creators of “Revenge” did not disappoint me. Let’s talk about the highlights of this finale.


Emily sought out to avenge her father’s death by killing the white-haired man who killed her father, but she spared his life to “honor” her father. She showed compassion! That was the first time she ever did to the bad people. That was a mistake because he knows her identity and her relation to the Graysons. I hope she will handle it with ease if she needs to.

Daniel and Emily broke up because they both felt like they have “changed”. They called off the engagement after Daniel confronted her about the kiss she shared with Jack.This was one of the scenes that made me happy :). I really did not want them together, the break up made her execute her plans easier. It seems like Daniel will be hooking up with Ashley. Who saw that coming? I did.

Victoria Grayson convinced Lydia to accompany her to give testimonies to which will exonerate David Clarke. Daniel asked her not to board the plane to Washington, she refused because she recently found out that David Clarke did not die a natural death in prison, Conrad killed him. :O

Nolan is alive!!! Yay!! 😀 Thanks to Emily for saving him. At least Emily still has someone in her corner. When he asked  her what she was going to do. She said she will tell Jack everything. She loves Jack!

Just when we thought everything was going smoothly, the truth will be revealed, Victoria was going to testify with Lydia on the SEC jet with all the evidence to prove David Clarke’s innocence…terrible things happen! It was announced that the plane caught on fire shortly after it took off. Guess who else we saw before it took off? The white-haired man! It was said that there were no survivors. VICTORIA GRAYSON DEAD!

Charlotte collapsed after her pill over dose. Amanda shows up with a baby in the bun when Emily was about to claim her love. Hey, guess what else! Emily’s mother is alive!

Now that’s how to end a season! Let the suspense begin!

Is Victoria Grayson really dead??

What is going to happen to Charlotte?

Is Jack the father of Amanda’s baby??

Everyone’s calling the love triangle between Emily, Daniel, Ashley and Jack the “quadrangle”. Season 2 needs to hurry!!

‘Revenge’: “Absolution,” Episode 19 recap.

In the previous episode, Emily found out that Victoria Grayson was not the mastermind behind the death of her father. It was all Conrad Grayson’s doing.
This episode begins with Charlotte who was not aware that she showed Emily a picture of their dad (obviously, only Emily knows this) writing in a journal on the day he died, she was helping Emily figure out that her father kept another journal while he was in jail.
Apparently, Nolan did not give her ALL of her father’s possessions. When she got her hands on the journal, she came across a certain initial of someone who was supposed to bail him out of jail with the proof of his innocence the day after he died. As usual, Emily went digging for the identity of this person. At first, she was supposedly dead. Later, she found out that this person was alive and, well with a different name.

Emily visited this Lady, Carol Miller..wait for it… who was Conrad Grayson’s personal secretary and Nolan’s aunt. Nolan explained that she introduced him to David Clarke and all three of them worked to gather to exonerate him. By the time Nolan arrived with proof of David Clarke’s innocence, he had already been killed. That was the reason he faked her (Carol Miller) death to protect her from Conrad.

Meanwhile, Victoria was plotting the downfall of Conrad and his empire (Grayson Global). She met with an agent from the SEC about the flight 197 and the terrorist attack in exchange for immunity…don’t underestimate the women of the Hamptons. Also, Charlotte was suspended from school because Declan Porter snitched told school authorities about her addiction to pills. He said he was trying to help her.

All of Daniel’s charges were dropped but the Hampton residents were not too happy about that. The night he was released, Jack paid Daniel a visit and told him he was at the scene on the beach when Tyler died and the blood stained sweat shirt that was planted as evidence belonged to him. O_o WOW! What could make Jack tell Daniel this piece of information? *sniff sniff* I smell trouble in Jack’s future.

Since Daniel wanted answers, Conrad gave them. He told him everything about how and why he killed David Clarke and everything in between. You would think Daniel Grayson would want to change this and that about their family after his father spilled but nooooooooooooooooooooo. He decided to keep his father’s secrets by being on his side…again…why am I not surprised? Someone’s gotta keep doing the dirty work while the SEC investigates the other. That gene says it all.

Our dear Emily was not too happy about that so she decided to marry Daniel Grayson, find who killed her father and avenge his death!

Soooo… Sneaky Conrad bought a Lexus for Ashley which was an offer to work for him at his company after she got fired. We shall see all the damage she’s capable of.

Victoria took Charlotte to her father’s grave site & they noticed the rose that Emily left there in the beginning of the episode! We shall find out what this means.

“Revenge” Wednesday, April 18 on ABC at 9 p.m. CST.


‘Revenge:’ Episode 16 “Scandal” Who Killed Tyler?

Yeah I know, My recap is LATE! I am sorry about that. I missed it when it aired. Ok enough of my excuses…

This week’s episode was something! As I mentioned in last week’s’ recap,  Daniel was arrested for the murder of Tyler. Do you remember what I said I was really curious about last week? If Daniel really understood what Tyler was trying to explain to him about who “Emily” really is and her real motives. Well, it seemed like Daniel was after answers before he was arrested. However, he still maintained that he does not remember exactly what happened leading to the death of Tyler. As you know you can always trust Emily to be GREAT at convincing him that she is being honest with him.


*Jack found the receipt of the wireless electronic transfer in Amanda’s jacket at the back seat of his jeep. He thinks the Graysons sent it to her and know about her whereabouts… Yes, you guessed right, she’s still missing in action.

*Nolan has been working  for Satoshi to protect Emily…Who saw that coming? Because I didn’t

*Charlotte is looking for closure (wants to know about her father and her sister’s life) in the wrong places, pill containers.

*Daniel was denied bail, sometimes it sucks being that wealthy.

*Victoria Grayson seems to blame Amanda…not sure how that makes sense,or maybe it will later.

*Ashley as we know has always being power-hungry. She is still going by it the wrong way...if she continues this way she will end up scarier and more desperate than Victoria Grayson. 

And the best for last…Daniel shot Tyler but did NOT kill him. Satoshi DID! He  finished Tyler even after his plea for help while Daniel was unconscious for a second. Satoshi told Emily he did it in her favor because he was trying to keep her past a secret. Since Emily is aware of this, how do you think the next episode will unfold?  Is she’s going to prove Daniel’s innocence?  And if she does, who is she going to put the blame on? Or better still, is this is a situation she cannot control for once? Share your thoughts with me…


“Revenge” returns Wednesday, April 18 on ABC at 9 p.m. CST.