I’m Eniola Bankole, founder of  The 1 TV JUNKIE.

I’m a college kid who enjoys watching TV. Prior to establishing this site, people around me who are aware of my addiction often ask me “what’s on TV tonight?”,  “when is this show airing?” , “what day is the new season airing?” Most of my conversations are about Television (they are good ice breakers too). Thinking about fellow TV junkies who are not physically around me to ask about the same questions about everything TV gave birth to this blog.

the1TVJUNKIE was created in December 2011. The goal of this site is to share my love for television.  You will find TV news, shows, previews, reviews and everything else in between. Originally, it was  all about American TV, now it has added South Korean TV dramas to its content.

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If you love (or not) contact me so that I can make it better for you.




6 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. hey how is it going like what you do. I run a blog as well for movies, I also write tv news too. Was wondering if you would like to join my blog. I am in the process of creating a full site using wordpress.org. I would like you to Run the tv section so i can have more content on the subject. Let me know…also we should chat though email or facebook about this. Please write back and give my blog a peep to see what i do. Thanks

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