“IN THE CIRCLE” will once again bring together a group of dream chasers for the 3rd season of the stylish reality web series.  The series is known for introducing seven dream chasers to each other, documenting their pursuit of  success, and their attempts at building a circle of their own.  This season promises to deliver like no other season of IN THE CIRCLE.  The LA WEB FEST Award winning series will bring it’s driven twenty-somethings to one of the most beloved boroughs of New YorkBrooklyn.  Whether it’s running the streets of, the hipsterville, Williamsburg, on the L train to Downtown Brooklyn’s wonderful sights, or chilling and working in the soul filled Brooklyn Heights, this season will give you Brooklyn in the truest fashion.  Get ready to meet an assortment of big personalities that could never be seen on TV.  Follow their journey as they pursue their dreams and immerse themselves in each other’s lives. Whether it’s a former Miss Black New Jersey with her own online business, an aspiring film director that is not afraid to express his feelings that often come from a way different point of view, a dancer who struggles to maintain stability in Brooklyn, an actor who stirs the pot by nature, an actress trying her hand at news reporting, or a photographer who lives on the edge of outrageous, levels of entertainment on this season will always go to a level that is way higher than any other season of “IN THE CIRCLE”.  It’s dreams, drive, and drama on “IN THE CIRCLE: BROOKLYN”

The eclectic group of dream chasers will have their lives play out with several happening hot spots playing a magnificent background.  Some of these places include the legendary Junior’s Cheesecake, the unique Surf Bar, the chill Brooklyn Bird, the trendy Brooklyn Central, the amazing Hotel BPM, and many others.  These settings help bring the story of these seven individuals to life in a way that truly represents Brooklyn’s swag.

This entertaining and inspirational story will roll it’s cameras on the dreams, work, drama, and romance of seven of the most driven young people from April to June.  Coverage of the production period will be shared on the official “IN THE CIRCLE” web site and on theFacebook viewer page .  There will be interaction and live twitter chats with the show’s hash tag #inthecircleshow  and twitter handle @inthecirclefan.  The show is expected to premiere on the official “IN THE CIRCLE” site and YOU TUBE channel on June 5, 2013 at 11 AM.  There will also be a new aftershow that will appear on with weekly interviews with cast of current and past seasons of “IN THE CIRCLE” to get their take on each weeks episode.

in the circle brooklyn




Every season of “IN THE CIRCLE” has the “cool guy”. You possibly can say that Marcellous is that guy in Brooklyn. Marcellous flows very well with his six other cast mates, that is until you cross him the wrong way. We’ll say, people will feel the wrath of the “cool guy”. Marcellous is an actor who has made several appearances in Music Videos and films. Marcellous has that IT factor, that directors look for and shows true potential for success in the film industry. Marcellous puts God and family first, and will not put anything before them. This season Marcellous will show you a different side of guys from Brooklyn.



Don’t get her wrong, she is not a “diva”. This stylish, former Miss Black New Jersey is an actress and owner of thriving online boutique Carrie’s Closet, which sells stylish vintage clothing. Nico moved to Brooklyn to live the life she has always wanted. This fashionista, is no shallow beauty. Nico has a strong love for the African-American culture, and will check you if you don’t have your facts straight. Still, Nico is light and funny and will bring her amazing insight to the circle.



This LA native, is now living life in the big city, calling Brooklyn home. Craig is a trained singer, songwriter, and model who has been making his way throughout the city, becoming very well-known. Craig may be friendly, but shade is not off-limits for him. He brings honesty to the circle, even when others aren’t willing to take it in. When it looks like Craig is playing the background, he is really just observing the situation, and thinking about the best way to react. He and his different fashion choices will be another highlight of the season. Love him or hate him, he is 100% Craig.



This Bronx raised beauty may have the looks that stop traffic, but there is a ball of talent inside Swayne that will blow your mind. Swayne is an actress, currently still auditioning and acting in many projects. Recently she shot a TV pilot that has great potential to get picked up by a major network. With brains and beauty, it’s easy for Swayne to be underestimated, but you better pick words wisely, because Swayne is not afraid to let you know when you are out of line. Some of her Brooklyn cast mates have learned this lesson. Throughout this season you will see Swayne’s desire to be a news reporter and her passion for making her dreams come true.



Kwadjo, a Columbus, Ohio native,  is a true gem to this show. The current Bronx resident made his way to the big city from Hoboken, NJ to pursue the dream of being a film director. Working in the legal field during the day, Kwadjo makes sure to still get back to his passion. With his different outlook on EVERYTHING, it can sometimes cause Kwadjo to clash with his other “IN THE CIRCLE” cast mates. Kwadjo will definitely be the cast member that will make you think about a lot of different issues in a different manner while keeping you entertained the whole way through.



This entertaining Georgia peach will inspire you to go full throttle towards chasing your dreams. Keri, a dancer originally from Atlanta, came to New York with hopes of being a part of Nick Cannon’s “Wild’n Out”. Since, living in Brooklyn Keri has worked dancing and acting in several music videos and other projects. Keri’s drive keeps her up, even when things get tough here in Brooklyn. Keri values her religious beliefs and maintains her morals without being overbearing on others. Keri is the “IN THE CIRCLE” cheerleader, and keeps the energy among the cast at an all time high.



Brandan is not a self-proclaimed comedienne, but he has to be the most hilarious “IN THE CIRCLE” cast member we have ever encountered. Moving from North Carolina, to pursue his dreams, Brandan has made a name for himself as an amazing photographer. His goal is to be able to move to New York, and create a life that is better for him and his 3 year-old son. Brandan always has his eyes on women, but don’t get too happy ladies, Brandan has very picky tendencies. Overall, Brandan brings the fun this season and will have you laughing out of your seat.



Brownie is about her business. This entertainment company owner, is no stranger to the music industry and has managed a very well-known artist. Brownie, moved to Brooklyn from Cleveland, Ohio to make a splash in the entertainment business here in the big apple. Brownie may work hard, but she definitely plays even harder. Brownie can always lighten things up when they are getting dull. She loves to party and have a good time, this allows her to fit in well with her “IN THE CIRCLE” cast mates. This season will show Brownie working to reach new heights in her life and build relationships with people who can help get her there. This Brownie is more than sweet, she is a woman looking for much more.




“IN THE CIRCLE” was created by Joseph Matthew Garrett for Joseph Garrett Entertainment and Joseph Matthew Garrett is overseeing this project.


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