Showtime: ‘Dexter’ Returns Early, ‘Homeland’ Leads In ‘Masters of Sex’

“Dexter’s” next season will return sooner than you excepted.

The series’ upcoming eight season will air during the summer. The season will premiere three months ahead of its normal schedule on June 30 at 9/8c, David Nevins, President of Showtime Entertainment announced Saturday at the TCA winter  tour.

“I’m not making any announcements today about when “Dexter” will end” said David Nevins. “There is a clear end game in place, but I can’t talk about it just yet. The decision of when to end “Dexter” is ultimately a creative decision.” The president also added “Dexter is to Showtime what Batman is to Warner Bros. It’s a core franchise.”

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“Dexter” will lead-in new drama series “Ray Donovan,” which debuts Sunday at 10/9c.

Meanwhile “Homeland” is staying put in Showtime’s fall lineup. The series’ third season will launch on Sun. September 29, followed by the premiere of the new Showtime drama “Masters of Sex.” When questioned about the Emmy winning drama unbalanced second season, Nevins said, “I really liked Season 2, I think it started really strong and it ended really strong… Some of the criticism seems fair. [But] suspension of disbelief is the scaffolding all storytelling is based on. I have enormous confidence in the people that write and perform that show [and believe] that it will maintain its quality.”

David Nevins also stated “”Homeland” has a very long life” and “can go in many different directions. Everything on that show is vigorously debated. If at the end of that debate, it made sense story-wise, I could conceivably say yes.”

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More highlights from the Showtime’s TCA winter tour:

  • Showtime’s “important franchise” “The Real L Word” will likely return as a Documentary. “I want to keep the franchise going and want to change up the show, Nevins stated. “It’s probably not going to continue in exactly the same form. I’ve been talking a lot with [executive producers] about exploring L Word culture — lesbian culture in places not New York, L.A. — where the subculture is not so defined and it’s not so easy. I think we’re likely to make a documentary that will feel like a “Real L Word” documentary.”
  • “Episodes'” season 3 production will be split between London and LA next and will be on the air in early 2014.
  • “Web Therapy” will return this summer “roughly the same time as last year.”
  • “Nurse Jackie” and “The Borgias” are set to return on April 14th.
  • “Inside Comedy” returns Feb. 11th, while “The Big C” concludes on April 29th.
  • The paid cable network is developing a new drama named “The Vatican” with Ridley Scott directing the pilot.
  • A decision to renew “Californication” will be made “fairly quickly into this run” says David Nevins.

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