‘The Walking Dead’: A Baby Is Born

**Do not read, if you haven’t watched Nov. 4 episode of “The Walking Dead.”**

During last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” the group’s safe haven got overrun by walkers.

In a foreshadowing scene that opens the episode, someone (perhaps the same person who was watching Carol, a few episodes ago) unlocks some gates and diverts some walkers with a deer carcass to the group’s section of the Prison.

Meanwhile at Woodbury, Michonne is ready to leave the mysterious town, can you blame her? Andrea, on the other hand is rethinking Michonne’s plan about hit the road.

Knowing all too well about losing a sibling, Andrea shows Merle the location of the Farm on a map. Although, determined to find Darryl, Merle is discouraged by the Governor to go looking for his brother.

Back at the prison, the prisoners, Axle and Oscar try to persuade Rick to let them join the group. T-Dog agrees with the prisoners, but Darryl and Rick are not having it.

The group shares a happy moment, when Hershel goes for a stroll with the help of Lori, Carl, Beth and a pair of crutches.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Lori's Death

The joyful moment is interrupted, as a herd of walkers emerged from every corner of the prison.

Panic ensures. The group is split into three groups: Carol and T-Dog; Rick, Darryl, Axle, Oscar, and Glenn; Beth, Hershel, Lori, Carl and Maggie. Hershel and his daughter, Beth got to a safe location, while everybody else are killing the Walkers.

More walkers come running as an alarm goes off in the Prison. Thankfully, Oscar knows a bit about the control room, so he assists Rick and Darryl to stop the alarm. Surprise. Surprise. Andrew, who Rick left for dead in a previous episode is seen in the room. Rick and Andrew get in a scuff; Oscar joins the brawl pointing Rick’s gun at the two men. Oscar kills Andrew. I guess they will be joining the group.

Carol and a bitten T-Dog roam the walls of the prison looking for safety. Cornered by two walkers, T-Dog sacrifices himself, saying it is “God’s plan” in order to save Carol. RIP T-Dog.

The Walking Dead, Lori Dies on the walking dead

Lori, goes into labor as she, Carl, and Maggie find shelter in a boiler room. But there are some complications, the baby has to be born via c-section. Lori tells Carl he is the best thing she ever did. In the series’ most emotional scene, mother and son share a tearful goodbye. 😦

Maggie reluctantly does the surgery. The baby is born. Lori dies. And poor Carl, shot his mother after kissing her goodbye, to stop her from turning.

As Maggie and a stoic Carl reunite with the group, Rick breaks down as learns Lori is dead. RIP Lori.

The group assumes Carol is gone. But where is Carol? After T-Dog sacrificed himself to save her, Carol has not been seen.

What an emotional and gut-wrenching episode. Is it just us, or did the episode feel like a season finale?

But how will the group, especially, Rick and Carl move on from the Lori’s death?


What do you think?

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