‘Scandal’ Teaser: Who Is Quinn Perkins?


Who is Quinn Perkins? That’s the question “Scandal” fans have been inquiring about since May finale.

In the teaser below, the gladiators are not sharing the information they know about their newest member with an interrogator we assume is wearing a white hat.

‘Scandal’ Season 2 Scoop: Who is Quinn Perkins? Is There a Baby on Board? and More

Shonda Rhimes promises we won’t wait too long to find out who is Quinn Perkins. Rhimes told THR, the first episode of the second season will answer that question and also “why is Quinn Perkins who she is and what happened to make her that way.” There will be flashbacks that explains Quinn’s history, Katie Lowes told THR.

“Scandal” second season kicks off Thurs., Sept. 27 on ABC.


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