‘Tamar & Vince’: Sneak Peek [Video]

Tamar and Vince

Get yo life, girl!

The “Braxtons Family Values”‘s spin-off “Tamar & Vince” which follows Toni Braxton’s diva and outspoken sister Tamar and her husband, Vince Hubert kicks off tonight.

In the reality series, viewers will get to see Tamar “the wife” and solo artist, not Tamar “the annoying sister.”

According to WeTV:

This new show will follow Tamar in her ongoing pursuit of pop super stardom, with husband Vince Herbert helping and supporting her every step of the way.

In Tamar’s world, anything can happen, but Vince is always there to be the voice of reason, and bring her back down to earth. Viewers will get an inside look at their complicated yet devoted relationship, including how their upscale lifestyle must adjust as Vince recovers from a recent life-threatening health scare.

Below are two sneak peeks of the reality series, take a look. “Tamar & Vince” premieres Thurs., Sept. 20 at 10/9c p.m. on WeTV.

Will you watch “Tamar & Vince?”


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