‘Bones’ Scoop: Are Bones And Booth Getting Hitched?


With our fall series returning next week, some showrunners and executive producers are sharing scoops and interesting details with reporters.

According to TVLine, “Bones”‘ executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan gave away some spoilers about the Fox’s drama upcoming season.

Here are some spoilers of the forthcoming season:

  • Nathan told the site, Pelant, who is framing Brennan for murder is “going to be around all season…No one’s going to be able to rest easy in Season 8.”
  • We have heard a lot about Booth’s abusive father, but this season viewers and Bones will be introduced to Booth’s mum.
  • Cam is getting a love interest, and it is someone we know. Who do you think it will be?
  • Lastly, the biggest spoiler ever, there might be a Bones/Booth wedding!

For more “Bones” click over to TVLine.

“Bones” premieres Mon., Sept, 17 at 8/7c on Fox.

Watch the new promo.


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