Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ Gets A 90-Episode Renewal

Anger Management, Charlie Sheen

FX has picked up Charlie Sheen’s comedy series “Anger Management” for a 90-episode renewal. Winning!

Sheen stars as Charlie, a formal professional baseball player, whose rage issues ended his career and led him to become a non-traditional therapist specializing in anger management.

As previously reported Martin Sheen, who plays Charlie’s dad on screen will be bumped up to a series regular on ‘Anger Management.’

Chuck Saftler, executive vp of FX said, “Bruce Helford has created a sitcom that works extremely well in our pre-10 p.m. programming lineup. Charlie Sheen and the entire cast did an amazing job in the first ten episodes, which were produced in a very tight window. I have no doubt that the producers and cast will be able to pull off the Herculean task of producing 90 episodes over the next two years.”

The second season production starts Sept. 24.


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