Meet The Cast Of ‘Survivor: Philippines’

Yesterday, CBS revealed the cast of “Survivor”‘s 25th season.

Lisa Whelchel aka Blair Warner from “The Facts of Life,” former National League MVP Jeff Kent of the San Francisco Giants, 13 new contestants and a trio of former players – Michael Skupin, Russell Swan and Jonathan Penner — whom were medically evacuated in past seasons would compete for the million dollars and the title of Survivor.

Survivor: Philippines

For the first time in eight years, “Survivor: Philippines” will split the contestants into three tribes, which are named after animals in the region: Kalabaw (“Water Buffalo”), Tandang (“Rooster”) and Matsing (“Monkey”). In Immunity challenges, the three tribes will battle for first and second place to be granted immunity, with the third-place tribe heading to Tribal Council to eliminate a team member.

The 13 new contestants heading to Philippines include a tire repair, former Miss Delaware, sex therapist and a lesbian cosmetologist.

Check out the cast below.

“Survivor: Philipines” premiere Sept. 19 at 8/7c on CBS.


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