‘Dexter’ Season 7 Trailer: Will Dexter Kill Deb?



Would Dexter kill Deb?

Hmm, the trailer sure hints at the possibility. Following the intriguing teasers of ‘Dexter’, a more detailed and dark trailer was released today.

‘Dexter’ Season 7: Watch the First Two Minutes of the Premiere [Video]

The trailer reveals Maria LaGuerta is not the only cop hot on Dexter’s heels. “It’s the same amount of plastic wrap, the same positioning,” Deb says of the Ice Truck Killer case.

“The only thing worse than not knowing what she’ll do, is not knowing what I’ll do.”

Take a look at the trailer above.

“Dexter” Season 7 premieres Sun., Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.


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