‘Scandal’ Season 2 Scoop: Who is Quinn Perkins? Is There a Baby on Board? and More

ABC’s freshman series ‘Scandal‘ left fans with a cliff-hanger: who is Quinn Perkins? Showrunner, Shonda Rhimes says the next season of 13 episodes will answer that question and more. Here are some information to tie you over till Sept. 27 when “Scandal” season 2 premieres.

  • Shonda Rhimes promises fans will find out who Quinn Perkins is in the first episode of the second season, and “why is Quinn Perkins who she is and what happened to make her that way.” There will be flashbacks that explains Quinn’s history, Katie Lowes told THR.

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  • Tony Goldwyn (President Fitzgerald Grant) assured EW, that he is still in love with Olivia even though he was blindsided by Mellie’s plan to resolve the sex scandal. “Fitz is totally heartbroken and, I think, betrayed, …when you’re in love with somebody in the way he’s in love with Olivia, you can never get rid of that…. That magnetic pull will certainly bring them together in some way — and I don’t know how yet.”
  • Goldwyn also informed EW, that fans will see a stronger leader in Fitz. Grant has become “a soldier for the job. He has acknowledged to himself that he’s here for a higher purpose and his personal happiness and his personal relationships are irrelevant. He hardens himself and puts all of his focus on serving the people and being the best president he can be.”
  • Huck (Guillermo Diaz) ‘s past will also be explored in flashbacks. Diaz told THR, his past will “just blow people’s minds.”
  • Fans will find out more about FLOTUS in the season premiere. Bellamy Young told THR, “Mellie [her character] wants to be president down the road, she wants eight years with Fitz, four years off then she wants to run.”

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  • Will there be a baby in season 2? No word yet on that end, given the lie Mellie told the press, in order to save Fitz’s presidency. Goldwyn mentioned to EW,“the impending child is an issue. I literally can’t say anything, but it’s a factor on the show. It’s a point of contention.”

ABC’s “Scandal” returns Thurs., Sept 27 on at 10/9c.


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