Weekly TV News: ‘SOA’ to End After Season Seven, Sharon Osbourne Leaving ‘AGT’ and More

TV news you might have missed…

Kurt Sutter, the creator of “Sons of Anarchy” revealed today that, “SOA” will end after its seventh season. THR

What happened to the “24” movie you ask? According to Kiefer Sutherland, the movie will shoot next summer. “We didn’t have a script ready for [filming] until very close to the end of ‘Touch,’” Kiefer said at Fox’s Television Critics Association party. Huff Post TV

Is “America Got Talent” judge, Sharon Osbourne leaving “AGT”? According to this tweet, Osbourne said , she is not returning to the show not because of money but because of something else. However, Tuesday, at the Television Critics Association NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt said the announcement was unexpected. “This is coming out of context and sort of spontaneously, and we don’t even know what’s going on. And it’s probably much ado about nothing,” Greenblatt said.

NBC has picked up a new series called, “Dracula.” The series is based on Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been cast to play the lead role. Get more deets about the show here.

NBC will roll out episodes of “Go On” (August 8) and “Animal Practice,” (August 12) commercial-free during the Olympics. While six-minutes of ‘Revolution” will air Sat., August 4 at 10:54 p.m. ET.

Kathy Griffins talk show “Kathy” has been renewed for a second season by Bravo.

“Big Rich Texas” has been renewed for a third season. A spin-off of the reality series, “Big Rich Georgia” has been picked by Style network.

Comedy Central’s late-night hosts, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert contracts have been extended. “The Daily Show” was extended through mid-2015, while Colbert’s new agreement is good through the end of 2014. EW

Style network will air CW’s soap drama, “Gossip Girl”  beginning Wed., August 15 at 8-11 p.m. ET.

FX Renews ‘Louie,’ Orders More Russell Brand, & Martin Sheen to Join ‘Anger Management’

Emmy nominated Best Writing comedy series, “Louie” has been renewed for a fourth season.

FX’s entertainment president, John Landgraf announced the news earlier today at the Television Critics Association in Beverly Hills. Last Thursday, the comedy series was nominated for three Emmys: best writing, best director and lead actor in a comedy series, Landgraf said at TCA,  “we were obviously disappointed when show was not nominated for best comedy series.”

The series was renewed for a fourth season of 13 episodes.

The 64th Primetime Emmy Nominees Are….

FX’s press tour highlights…

Russell Brand’s “Brand X’ received an order of seven more episodes that will air this fall, but the show will undergo some creative changes.

Although “Wilfred” has not been renewed, Landgraf told critics he expects the comedy to be around for “many years.”

Landgraf also expects “Justified” to remain on the network for “at least six seasons.”

Martin Sheen is set to appear on “Anger Management’ season finale as Charlie Goodson’s dad. The actor will be bumped up to a series regular if the series gets an order of 90 episodes. However, the decision won’t be made until the first season has been aired. But the renewal seems “very likely.”

Landgraf informed reporters at the TCA press tour, “What the entry of Martin Sheen’s character will do is it will give an extra dimension to the show and make it a multi-generational family show. The show will still deal with his relationship with his patients and the women in his life, but will also [expand to focus on his family].”

‘Revenge’ Season 2 Scoop: New Relationships, New Characters, and More Secrets.

ABC’s hit drama, ‘Revenge’ returns Sun., Sept. 30 for a second season. The season finale left viewers with a major cliff-hanger, but before the season begins, here are some spoilers to satisfy your thirst.

  • The upcoming season picks up a couple of months after the first season finale. Like season one, there will be a “flash-forward to the end of summer, and a terrible event that occurs, then we bring the audience back to the start of the summer,” Kelley told Huff Post TV.
  • Emily gets a blast from the past. Barry Sloane plays the mystery guy, Ethan who went through an identity transformation when he met Emily, then Amanda Clarke. Executive producer Mike Kelly told TVLine, “They [were] very angry kids, and they’re both from the same situation. They’ve lost similar things, and they [came] together.”
  • Nolan’s sexuality, family and company, NolCorp will be explored next season. Nolan love interest next season will be a female. “There’s something about [Nolan] that is so disarming and nobody has said to me one thing about his [bisexuality]. … He’s quite open about what he is … It’s about the person in front of him,” Kelly told Huff Post TV.
  • If you still doubt Amanda’s pregnancy, don’t any further. Amanda IS pregnant. Does Jack think he is the father? Nick Wechsler (Jack) told TVLine, “There’s no way he doesn’t have questions. But his obligation is making him turn a blind eye to certain things. At a certain point, he’s going to have to face it.”
  • Emily’s secret (her identity) is out of the bag. Huff Post TV says, someone “very important” will find her who Emily really is. Any guesses?
  • Kelly told TVLIne, Daniel is going to get darker next season, and Ashley is going to be along for the ride. “Things are not going well right now. He’s reverting back to the person he was before Emily came into the picture, and also feeling his DNA, which is Grayson through and through.”
  • Conrad’s kids and ex-wife from his previous marriage will be revealed in season two. We will also meet Victoria’s mother, although there is no word yet if Victoria’s reign is over. I hope not.
  • When asked if Emily’s target of revenge will change, Kelly told  Huff Post TV, “I think as she learns more and more about what exactly happened and is at stake, yeah, things evolve. If this show doesn’t evolve, it gets boring. The world [of the show] gets much bigger, It’ll keep mushrooming.”

The second season of “Revenge” premieres Sunday, Sept., 30 at 9/8c on ABC.