‘Homeland’ Teaser: Look Again

Carrie  Mathison’s mind is one scary place.

In the teaser below, Carrie stands still as she thinks or perhaps recalls quotes and images from the previous season. Hmm, would she regain her informative memory after her shock treatment therapy?

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“Homeland” executive producer Alex Gansa told HuffPost TV that, “Carrie has had, for the first time in her life, the benefit of professional help for her disease. She will have been in the psych ward for awhile. She will have been in the care of a psychiatrist for six months. She will have undergone a series of these ECT therapies. [The treatment we saw in the Season 1 finale] is not just a one-off.”

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The second season of “Homeland” picks up six months after the first season finale. “Homeland” hits home Sun., Sept. 30 at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.


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