Summer TV Review: ‘Longmire’

Who thought a Western drama could be so catchy and entertaining?

Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), is a recently widowed Sheriff in Absaroka County, Wyoming. Due to his loss, Longmire gave up on everything. But with the help of his new deputy Vic (Katee Sackhoff), and best friend, Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips), Walt decides to reclaim his life – personal and professional one dead body at a time.

However, Walt’s job might be in jeopardy when he realizes his obnoxious deputy Branch (Bailey Chase) is running for Sheriff. Walt Longmire, who picks up litter and cries when informing a next of kin a loved one is dead is not giving up without a fight.

It is apparent Longmire hasn’t moved on. He still listens to his wife’s voice on their answering machine. Walt hasn’t even buried her ashes (talk about issues!)

The series is based on Craig Johnson’s best-selling mystery novels. “Longmire” is created by John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin, and stars Robert Taylor, Bailey Chase, Katee Sackhoff, Adam Bartley, Cassidy Freeman, and Lou Diamond Phillips.



Five reasons “Longmire” kicks ass:

It is pure Western. All Cowboys, trucks, guns, and Horses.

Katee Sackhoff. A villain in the eight season of “24.” I’m glad she is back on my screen. Her role on “24” might seem similar to “Longmire,” but Victoria is not keeping secrets like Dana did (well we do not know yet). Victoria is a new deputy in town, who recently moved form Philadelphia. Her friendly chemistry with Longmire is refreshing. Vic understands Longmire better than the other deputies and his family. Aside from his best friend, Henry, Vic tries to pull Longmire from his depression.

The crimes are solved differently from other crime dramas. The murders/homicides are solved with “street smart.” Walt Longmire does not rely on back up or forensic ballistics to help him solve a case. He knows if a gun was fired by simply inspecting it. The series suggest that a crime can be solved by knowing your guns, calibers, and people.

Unlike other crime dramas, Longmire does not have/use a cellphone. Yet this doesn’t stop the Sheriff from solving the crimes or communicating with his deputies. Longmire relies on his radio to communicate with his office, which is very old school like.

Although, the Sheriff is best friends with an Indian, the Tribal Police living on the Reservation do not share Henry’s feelings. There is resentment and conflicts when the two police departments meet. The Sheriff loves the Indian culture and follow most of their way of life regardless of how the Indians feel about him.

Longmire was having a shower during the opening scene of the series and the wounds on his back revealed he has a secret which Henry can not share with Longmire’s daughter, Cady (Cassidy Freeman). Viewers are left wondering how he sustained those injuries. And the obvious question, how did his wife die?

“Longmire” is a refreshing, and promising thrilling drama. The series currently airs Sundays, at 10/9c on A&E

One thought on “Summer TV Review: ‘Longmire’”

  1. Love the show. Just Never move to that county! Never seen so many murders in a town of about 2000 residents. Why can’t American actors be portrayed on tv anymore? Could you imagine Matt Dillon saying, ” Care for a spot of tea, mate?” Walt hides Ausy accent pretty well, but just like Walking Dead, so many foreigners.

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