‘Revenge’: Reckoning, Season Finale Recap.

Well well well…how about that season finale? I was worried it was going to end like a series finale at some point, like what is the next season going to be about??? The creators of “Revenge” did not disappoint me. Let’s talk about the highlights of this finale.


Emily sought out to avenge her father’s death by killing the white-haired man who killed her father, but she spared his life to “honor” her father. She showed compassion! That was the first time she ever did to the bad people. That was a mistake because he knows her identity and her relation to the Graysons. I hope she will handle it with ease if she needs to.

Daniel and Emily broke up because they both felt like they have “changed”. They called off the engagement after Daniel confronted her about the kiss she shared with Jack.This was one of the scenes that made me happy :). I really did not want them together, the break up made her execute her plans easier. It seems like Daniel will be hooking up with Ashley. Who saw that coming? I did.

Victoria Grayson convinced Lydia to accompany her to give testimonies to which will exonerate David Clarke. Daniel asked her not to board the plane to Washington, she refused because she recently found out that David Clarke did not die a natural death in prison, Conrad killed him. :O

Nolan is alive!!! Yay!! 😀 Thanks to Emily for saving him. At least Emily still has someone in her corner. When he asked  her what she was going to do. She said she will tell Jack everything. She loves Jack!

Just when we thought everything was going smoothly, the truth will be revealed, Victoria was going to testify with Lydia on the SEC jet with all the evidence to prove David Clarke’s innocence…terrible things happen! It was announced that the plane caught on fire shortly after it took off. Guess who else we saw before it took off? The white-haired man! It was said that there were no survivors. VICTORIA GRAYSON DEAD!

Charlotte collapsed after her pill over dose. Amanda shows up with a baby in the bun when Emily was about to claim her love. Hey, guess what else! Emily’s mother is alive!

Now that’s how to end a season! Let the suspense begin!

Is Victoria Grayson really dead??

What is going to happen to Charlotte?

Is Jack the father of Amanda’s baby??

Everyone’s calling the love triangle between Emily, Daniel, Ashley and Jack the “quadrangle”. Season 2 needs to hurry!!