‘Revenge’: “Absolution,” Episode 19 recap.

In the previous episode, Emily found out that Victoria Grayson was not the mastermind behind the death of her father. It was all Conrad Grayson’s doing.
This episode begins with Charlotte who was not aware that she showed Emily a picture of their dad (obviously, only Emily knows this) writing in a journal on the day he died, she was helping Emily figure out that her father kept another journal while he was in jail.
Apparently, Nolan did not give her ALL of her father’s possessions. When she got her hands on the journal, she came across a certain initial of someone who was supposed to bail him out of jail with the proof of his innocence the day after he died. As usual, Emily went digging for the identity of this person. At first, she was supposedly dead. Later, she found out that this person was alive and, well with a different name.

Emily visited this Lady, Carol Miller..wait for it… who was Conrad Grayson’s personal secretary and Nolan’s aunt. Nolan explained that she introduced him to David Clarke and all three of them worked to gather to exonerate him. By the time Nolan arrived with proof of David Clarke’s innocence, he had already been killed. That was the reason he faked her (Carol Miller) death to protect her from Conrad.

Meanwhile, Victoria was plotting the downfall of Conrad and his empire (Grayson Global). She met with an agent from the SEC about the flight 197 and the terrorist attack in exchange for immunity…don’t underestimate the women of the Hamptons. Also, Charlotte was suspended from school because Declan Porter snitched told school authorities about her addiction to pills. He said he was trying to help her.

All of Daniel’s charges were dropped but the Hampton residents were not too happy about that. The night he was released, Jack paid Daniel a visit and told him he was at the scene on the beach when Tyler died and the blood stained sweat shirt that was planted as evidence belonged to him. O_o WOW! What could make Jack tell Daniel this piece of information? *sniff sniff* I smell trouble in Jack’s future.

Since Daniel wanted answers, Conrad gave them. He told him everything about how and why he killed David Clarke and everything in between. You would think Daniel Grayson would want to change this and that about their family after his father spilled but nooooooooooooooooooooo. He decided to keep his father’s secrets by being on his side…again…why am I not surprised? Someone’s gotta keep doing the dirty work while the SEC investigates the other. That gene says it all.

Our dear Emily was not too happy about that so she decided to marry Daniel Grayson, find who killed her father and avenge his death!

Soooo… Sneaky Conrad bought a Lexus for Ashley which was an offer to work for him at his company after she got fired. We shall see all the damage she’s capable of.

Victoria took Charlotte to her father’s grave site & they noticed the rose that Emily left there in the beginning of the episode! We shall find out what this means.

“Revenge” Wednesday, April 18 on ABC at 9 p.m. CST.



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