‘True Blood’: Season 5 (New) Full Trailer!

Have you been waiting for a full/spoiler trailer of “True Blood” as I have? Wait no further, because our request was granted.

A full trailer of the upcoming season of “True Blood” was aired tonight. New characters and new lovers were revealed. Alcide and Sookie finally hooked up!

The authority exists after all. “Law And Order: SUV,” Chirs Meloni is the authority.

“The end may come soon. Either Russell will have our heads or the authority will.” Eric tells Pam.

“Human should be farmed like cattle.” Of course, this will only happen in Bon Temps where Vampires rule.

Sookie: “I’m sick of lying and covering and ruining people’s life.” Lafayette says to Sookie, “you’re the angel of death.” So Tara is dead? Or somebody else died.

Lastly, there seemed to be an uprising against the vamps in this trailer. And I’m guessing Jason is the ringleader. What do you think? Share your comments below.

Waiting Sucks! Take a look at the trailer below. “True Blood” returns Sun., June 10 on HBO.


What do you think?

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