‘The Amazing Race’: Season Finale Recap!

The season finale of “The Amazing Race” was intense to say the least. The racers were put to the test, pushed to their limits. Some conquered, while some crumbled. There were mistakes, a false finish, and meltdowns. Duhh! But first let’s find out who made it to the last leg of the “race.”

The teams flew to Hiroshima, Japan from Cochin, India. All teams were on the same flight. Upon arriving teams had to board a bus and a ferry to Maynard Island. Rachel and Dave missed the last ferry of the night and had to board the next ferry at 6 a.m. No surprise, Captain Dave was mad. All teams caught up again since they couldn’t receive their next clue till sunrise.

They had to travel to Osaka, Japan for the next task. The next task which was the first roadblock: ‘bring the chicken home’ of the evening required the racers to run on a treadmill, while grabbing three chickens above them. Vanessa, Brendon, Rachel, and Art were the roadblockers this time. Vanessa had some troubles running because of her sprained ankle. Ouch! (But she had to complete the roadblock since Ralph had completed five roadblocks.) Ralph wanted to take the penalty since she was injured, but she pressed on and kept going till she completed the task.

Detour was next, the racers could choose either ‘bingo shout-out’ or ‘photo cut-off.’ ‘Bingo shout-out’ was basically a ‘sushi’ bingo. Teams were playing bingo but with sushi, they had to shout ‘sushi’ and eat five pieces of sushi when they got five sushi in a row. While ‘photo cut-off’ required teams to get a camera, three sumo cut-outs and take ten pictures of locals and deliver them to a local photographer. Team military was the only team that chose ‘photo cut-out.’

Osaka Castle was the pit stop of this leg of the race. Rachel and Dave were the first team to check with Phil once again, making it their seventh win. The couple also won a trip to New Zealand. Art and J.J. were the second to check with Phil followed by Brenchel (Brendon and Rachel).  Vanessa and Ralph were eliminated, the team was the last team to arrived at the pit stop.

Now for the final leg of the race, let the intensity begin.

Team Military, Team Brenchel, and Team Border Patrols were the last three teams in the race. All teams were on a twelve-hour flight to Honolulu, Hawaii. The next task was a riddle, they were suppose to figure out they were looking for a set of twin buildings. Art and J.J. didn’t were left behind because they didn’t get the riddle. The teams were required to ‘ascend and rappel’ down from one of the twin towers. At the top of the tower, the racers were supposed to spot their next clue. The next clue was a roadblock: ‘shave ice.’ Roadblockers (Brendon, Dave, and J.J.) had to shave ice with a sword and fill a bucket to a mark line.

After completing the roadblock, the racers were suppose to walk to a park nearby and ride a helicopter. Brenchel (Brendon and Rachel) made  mistake by taking their cab to another destination. O_o They made a million dollars mistake. Of course, Brenchel had a mini meltdown. This mistake put team military in the lead, with Brenchel loosing their advantage over the Border Patrols. The married couple moved on to the next task which was ‘rescue a swimmer.’ Team Military also made a mistake, after completing this task the team skipped the roadblock and raced to the finish line.

The roadblock was ‘Hawaiian Games.’ The first part of the roadblock required teams to surf down a mountain to a marked line without falling off. Teams also had to roll a ball disc shared rock into a goal post. All teams met up at this task. Border Patrols thought they were in the lead since they were the first team to arrive. Dave and Rachel were told by Phil that they didn’t complete a roadblock and had to go back and complete it. Rachel (Team Military) completed the task on her first try while Art was still struggling with the task. Brendon and Rachel also arrived after going back to the park and completing the previous tasks. Rachel also got the first task before Art did, but Art caught up and finished the second task before she did.

The married couple was on their to Secret Island, the last pit stop this season. They crossed the finish line for the second time with the eliminated racers applauding them. The married couple won “The Amazing Race!!” The couple won the million dollars and broke the record of the most wins. 🙂 They deserved it. Art and J.J. finished in second place, with Brenchel finishing in third place. It was a long and tiring race, but they all completed it.

“The amazing race” returns this fall…until then race fans!