‘The Amazing Race’: Cochin, India. Season 20 ep 10.

This leg of the “race” picked up in Cochin, India. A couple of racers were sick. Art had a cold while Mark was still under the weather after the previous grueling roadblock. Mark was actually getting a drip before this leg of the “race” started. The military couple departed first, they received a greeting from a Priest and receive their next clue.

The next clue was a fast forward – if a team completes the fast forward they automatically skip the remaining tasks and  move on to the pit stop. Rachel, Dave, Art, J.J., could not complete the fast forward because each team already completed fast forwards earlier in the “race.” However, Vanessa and Ralph did not want to take risk. Brendon and Rachel however, opted for the fast forward, but when they realized it was a “shave head” forward they backed out. Each teammate was required to shave their hair, basically go bald. Rachel laments, “I paid $500 for hair extensions. I need hair to be pretty.” Brendon did not mind shaving his head, he does not have much hair anyway. I would not have done it either.

The roadblock task required the racers to spin and spoon 40 feet of rope made from the husk of coconuts. The men including Art completed this challenge for their team. Ralph had some difficulties getting a grip of this roadblock. J.J., on the other hand was mad when he realized nobody did the fast forward. He asked Rachel why she and Brendon did not complete the roadblock. She informed him, they had to shave their heads. Of course, J.J., was pissed because Mark and Bopper would have a straight shot to the pit stop, while the four teams would compete for the fourth place spot. J.J., then starts to mess with Rachel saying if they (Rachel and Brendon) lose it is because she (Rachel) did not shave her head. Gullible Rachel took the bait and began to doubt her decision.

At this point in the race, Mark and Bopper just started racing, three hours behind the other teams. They incur a “paint Tiger” speed bump (because they were the last team to finish the last leg). The teammates were required to paint a Tiger on a male dancer’s body. After completing the speed bump, Bopper and Mark decided to take on the fast forward. They made this decision because they thought nobody chose the fast forward, which they did not. So the lucky Cowboys shaved their head for a million bucks. Would you shave yours for a million dollars? At the other side of town, Vanessa fell while running to her taxi, she twisted her ankle. Ouch.

The detour was next. Teams had to choose between “pachy derm” or “pack a box.” Pachy derm” required teams to decorate an Elephant with a gold headdress and ornaments. Like Vanessa said, “this was the best detour hands down.” After completing that, teams also had to shovel fifteenth wheelbarrows of Elephant manure to a nearby truck. While “pack a box” required teams to pack ten wooden boxes of dry ginger, seal and deliver it to a local deport. Every team except for the Border Patrols chose “pachy derm.” The boys (Art and J.J.) had trouble with this detour. It was so bad, that J.J. accidentally cut his pinky with the sheet metal.

Rachel and Dave finished the detour first with the other teams trailing behind them. The next clue instructed teams to board a ferry to the pit stop. Rachel and Mark won this leg, the team’s sixth win. The couple won $10,000 each.  Rachel and Brendon were the second team to finish this leg, with Vanessa and Ralph coming in third. On the mat, Vanessa implied Rachel and Brendon did not shovel fifteen wheelbarrows of Elephant manure, but Rachel said they did. And asked why she trying to start something on the mat. I thought it was going to get intense for a minute, but it didn’t. The two ladies decided to squash their beef and move on. They apologized but did not hug each other. We will see how long this last.

Art and J.J. thought they were going to be eliminated, but they are still in the “race.” The Cowboys were eliminated on instead even though they completed the fast forward, the team was the last team to arrive at the pit stop. Our lucky Cowboys were not so lucky this week. 😦 I was/am sad, they were eliminated. Mark said, “”the amazing race” is called the amazing race for a reason it is amazing.” 🙂

The “race” continues next Sun., with a two-hour season finale. Who do you think will win “The Amazing Race?” Let us know by voting in the poll below. A team makes a costly mistake next week, who do you think it is? Below is the preview of the finale, take a look.


The Amazing Race” airs Sundays, 8/7c on CBS!


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