‘The Amazing Race:’ Cochin, India. Season 20 Ep 9.

Last night’s episode of the race was intense, the heat in India physically affected some racers especially Mark, which almost made him quit the race. Before the teams made  their way to Cochin, India, The ‘married couple’ & ‘the border patrols’ met at the travel agency but did not  acknowledge each other. The u-turn feud continues. All teams excluding Vanessa & Ralph boarded the same flight to India while Vanessa & Ralph flew to India via Nairobi. But all teams arrived in Cochin at the same time.

Upon arriving in Cochin, the racers had to board a bus to Scared Heart College. Roadblock was the next clue. Teams had to dance Bollywood style. They had to learn a routine and perform the routine for the Bollywood choreographer to receive their next clue. Rachel, J.J., Rachel, Mark, and Vanessa chose to be the roadblockers this week. The guys had a bit of challenge performing the ‘roadblock’. J.J. & Mark had no rhythm, the teams with women fared better with the task. Rachel danced her way through ‘roadblock’ with every body else trailing behind. Bopper and Mark were the last team at the roadblock. According to Bopper, Mark “has no rhythm but has a heart”. Bopper wished he was the teammate dancing and not Mark, but he couldn’t because of his injury. (He twisted his ankle and knee during the last leg). Bopper wanted to take the penalty or go home but Mark wanted to complete the roadblock. They were ready to quit because Mark was sick. 😦 But Mark decided to give the task a last try, he wanted to prove to his kids he doesn’t quit. So he danced one more time, the 12th time and finally accomplished the task. The group of dancers hugged Mark as they celebrated. Awww, so sweet.

The next task was a ‘detour’. Each team could either choose ‘cricket’ or ‘clutch it’. ‘Cricket’ required each teammate to hit a ball to a certain boundary. On the other hand, ‘clutch it’ required teammate to learn how to drive a rickshaw, a three-wheeler vehicle around an obstacle course. The married couple and the dating divorcees chose ‘clutch it’ while the ‘big brother’ couple and the border patrols chose ‘cricket’. Rachel and Brendon beat Art & J.J. while play cricket which pissed the border patrols off. Shocker! Rachel & Dave worked together to complete the obstacle course without arguing of course.

India’s Bolgatty Palace was the pit stop this week. Rachel and Dave arrived at the pit stop first place this week, for the fifth time. The other racers arrived at the Palace in the following order: Brendon & Rachel, Art & J.J., Vanessa & Ralph and Mark & Bopper. The cowboys thought they were going to be eliminated last night, but Phil informed them it was a non-elimination. So once again, the lucky cowboys are still in the million dollars race. 🙂

Will Mark and Bopper breeze through the speed bump next week? Tune in next Sunday for an all-new episode of “The Amazing Race”.

The preview of the next episode looks intense, click here for the preview.

The Amazing Race” airs Sundays, 8/7c on CBS!


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