Once You Go Bad, Screwing Others Over Becomes The Norm! ‘Survivor: One World’ Recap!

Survivor One World Jay eliminated

I’m late again, my apologies. The second to the last episode of “Survivor” was epic. I mean, I have never seen a player in the history of “Survivor” who believes no one is coming after him. Rule number one: never assume that anyone or everyone has your back. WIth that said, here are the highlights of the second to the last episode:

  • Jay won the immunity necklace.
  • Troyzan still believes that the Salani tribe is still a unified tribe. well, NOT ANYMORE!!
  • Sabrina and Kim got a chance to talk about strategies and also about voting Mike off the island. Their plan was to get rid of all the guys and have only both of them and Chelsea in the end.
  • Tarzan and Chelsea got into a fight AGAIN! This time, it was about a bamboo. Shezzz, can’t these two just kiss and make up? Tarzan came to a conclusion that Chealsea doesn’t like him because he is a plastic surgeon. Huh!?! Lol. WOW!
  • The big surprise of the episode: started when Jay was having suspicions about the girls. He noticed that they were up to something which they were. Kim told Troyzan that Mike said they should vote him (Troyzan) off the island so that Troyzan can vote Mike off if they asked him. Jay finally figured out that Mike was the target. As he was about to tell Mike, Kim rushed over to where they were standing and basically shut him up by diverting the topic of discussion. Mike, being a dumbass and sitting too comfortable let the girls handle everything because he trusted them. Little did he know that he put fate in the hands of those who, without any hesitation,  sealed his fate. Mike was blind sided and he was voted off the Island!

Now, the last episode was more interesting because everyone was in their paranoid state. Tarzan told Troyzan that the girls are planning to knock them (the guys) out one by one. Why isn’t any of the men listening to him?!?! Oh, that’s right. He is crazy! Lol. But one has to give Tarzan credit because he IS smart. Troyzan was not really bothered because he had the immunity idol to keep him safe.

The reward challenge was played differently this time. Jeff, the host was absent and it was played in their camp. The reward challenge was all about trying to get high points on the board. The reward was barbecue on a private Island. As usual, the tribe was divided into two teams. To cut the long story short, with the help of Tarzan, his team won and immediately went to the private Island. Those who were on the winning team loved the Island. It was gorgeous and peaceful. While some people were exploring the private Island, others like Kat and Jay were talking about strategies. Jay taught that they should send a girl home so that it can be even genders. He also said that individuals like Alicia and Tarzan should be voted off the island before them. Kat played along and agreed with him.

Later that day, the girls had a meeting. Kim talked about evicting Jay and then Troyzan later. Basically, she wanted whoever that doesn’t win the immunity idol between the two of them voted off the Island. Chelsea felt bad that she had to evict Jay or Troyzan because she gave them her word. Jay met with Kat and suggested that they should vote Alicia off the Island and he trusted that Kim and Chelsea will agree with the suggestion. What a dumb ass! Jay met with the girls and asked them to vote Alicia off the Island. Little did he know that he was a candidate for eviction. Troyzan suspected that the girls were going to make a big move that may not include him.

Once again, the immunity necklace was up for grab! The immunity challenge was all about how long one could hold one of their arms in an upright position. One arm was connected to a chain and the chain was connected to a big bucket filled with a liquid substance above their head. If the arm was lowered and the bucket turned over, she or he was eliminated from the game. Not only did they have to keep one arm up, they also had to overcome the temptation of food. During the game, Jeff, the host bribed players with food. People like Alicia and Jay took the offer without any hesitation while others like Troyzan fell off their balance while struggling to stay in the game. Everyone excluding Chelsea and Leif were out of the challenge. Chelsea told Leif to let her win or else, he will have a target on his back. Leif, being dumb let her win the immunity necklace. SMH!

As soon as everyone got back to the island, Chelsea and Kim called for another girl’s meeting. They decided to vote Troyzan off the Island. The amazing thing the girls did was that they split the vote. Kim and Chelsea told some of the girls to vote for Troyzan and some of the girls to vote for Jay. That way, one of them was going to be voted off the Island. Then, Kim told Alicia that they are going to tell Jay that they are voting for her to go home so that Jay wouldn’t be suspicious. Troyzan expressed his feelings to Jay about not feeling safe and not trusting the girls. He also told Jay that he had an immunity idol and he was going to play it. Dumb ass Jay went to tell Kim that Troyzan had an immunity idol and he was going to play it.  Kim didn’t have time to let everyone know the situation because it was right before tribal council. This game is indeed a foot!

Tribal council commenced. The discussion of the night was about who had the immunity idol. Jeff asked if anyone felt unsafe. Only Troyzan, Jay and surprisingly Kim raised their hands. The votes were in and before Jeff read the votes, Troyzan played his immunity idol which was a smart move. Jeff read the votes and Jay went home!!! SHOCKER! He was speechless. Lol. I was dying of laughter. His big mouth killed him. Apart from Jay eviction, a strange thing happened with the votes. There were more people’s’ names read: Troyzan, Jay, Alicia and, Kim. Alicia had more votes than Kim and Troyzan. If that doesn’t ring a bell Alicia, then you must not be as smart as I think you are.

To find out if Troyzan gets evicted next, tune in every Wednesday, 8 p.m. only on CBS for more on “Survivor!”

See ya!


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