Two Can Play That Game! ‘The Good Wife’ Recap!

The Good Wife Pants On Fire (5)

I know I’m super late with posting the second to the last episode of “The Good Wife”, with that said, here are the highlights for that episode:

  • The IRS was investigating Kalinda for the checks she has recievd from unanimous people. It turned out that the main reason she was investigated was about the work that she did for the Bishop.
  • Alicia got a salary bump!
  • Eli, David and Julius were still after Will’s position in the firm since he is suspended.
  • Alicia’s old home was up for sale. She went to see it. During this time, she went down memory lane of her experiences and incidents that happened inside the house.
  • Alicia was invited to be on  the panel with other high rank people (judges, pastor, e.t.c.) in the society to solve a police shooting case. The panel was a court hearing but it was not in a courtroom. It was in a room where the representatives on the panel sat in a single lined row and faced the witness or individual who was on trial. This is where Alicia was introduced to Mike, who was leader of the panel. Alicia, being a good lawyer found clues to solve the case but Mike did not like that she was going to be the hero and save the day. It turned out that Alicia’s husband, Peter hid evidence from that case. Mike gave Alicia two options: it’s either she shuts up and let the case stay as it is or she can solve the case which involves investigating the state attorney’s office (Peter’s office).  Given that ultimatum, Alicia recused herself!

The Good Wife Pants On Fire (2)

Now, the last episode of “The Good Wife” marked the beginning of dirty political game. It started when Alicia saw Mike, the SOB who gave her two choices towards the end of the panel hearing. He supposedly claimed that he came to inform her that she had to write a minority report about the case even though she recused herself. Mike used that visit as a political gain because the next day, he told the media that Alicia invited him into her office and told him not to investigate her husband concerning the shooting case. Mike wanted to destroy Peter’s reputation before he decides to run for governor. Obviously, Alicia felt bad and decided to talk to Eli about it. Eli told her there is nothing he could about it and she just have to deal with the situation until it all goes away. The next day, Alicia went to Mike’s office and confronted him about all the lies he was saying to the media. Mike tried to convince Alicia that she was the one that said those things.  Alicia told Mike if Peter were to run for governor, Peter was going to beat him.

Alicia went back to Eli and told him to convince Peter to run for governor and that she would think about helping Peter during the campaign. Peter finally met Mike in an elevator ride, they exchanged words. Peter told Mike to leave each other’s family out of the issue. Mike told Peter that if he runs for governor, Alicia is going to feel the pain the most because he was going to go after her. Peter promised Mike that he is going to come after him with everything he’s got. With that said, may the best man win and let the dirty political game begin!

In other news, here are the highlights for other juicy incidents:

  • Alicia finally talked to Jackie about why Jackie bought their old home. Jackie said she had great memories in that house and she was buying it for Peter (her son). Alicia threatened to keep her from her grandchildren if she buys the house. Alicia also called Peter and told about what his mother did. Peter met with his mother and harshly told her to not buy the house. Few hours after that meeting , Jackie was laying on a bed in the hospital. She had a stroke.
  • After so many years, Eli finally slept with his ex-wife. It’s about time! Keep in mind that Eli is managing his wife’s campaign for a position in the state’s office and is also managing Peter. But unfortunately, one of Peter big supporters gave Eli a choice to either drop his wife as a client and support Peter or keep his wife and lose him and others as supporters for Peter. Peter’s big supporters told Eli that they already have a candidate for the position that Eli’s wife is campaigning for and they would appreciate it if she did not run..  Eli broke the news to his ex-wife and she was pissed.
  • With Alicia by his side, Peter decided to run for governor.

Click here for the preview of the next episode.

“The Good Wife” airs Sunday, 9 p.m. only on CBS!



8 thoughts on “Two Can Play That Game! ‘The Good Wife’ Recap!”

  1. hahahahahahaha! That SOB was reallyyyyyyyy scaring when Alicia went to confront him in his office and dude was still denying it. lol, he’s great at making you believe he’s story is the truth…I loved this episode. the first time Peter put his mom in her place. i think Jackie faked the stroke story though.

    1. He was soooo good with manipulating her. i loved this episode also. it was crazy. i taught jackie faked it at first but being hospitalized like that cant be faked. although she knew that if she got sick, peter would be forced to take it easy on her. lol! it was one crazy episode!

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