‘The Amazing Race:’ Lake Manyara, Tanzania. Season 20 ep. 8.

Last night’s episode of “The Amazing Race” was intense, there was a lot of anger, betrayal, and rage. The race picked up in Tanzania, where Rachel and Dave departed first, closely followed by the cowboys, border patrols, “Big Brother” couple and dating divocrees. All teams enjoyed the view as they made their way through Africa’s Garden of Eden, Ngorongoro Crater to locate their next clue. As Bopper said, “they seen animals they didn’t even know what it was.” LOL. Not surprising Art & J.J., did not care much for the view and were in a hurry to get to the next clue.

The next task was a Detour. Teams could either choose ‘air Supply’ or ‘water supply’. The cowboys, married couple, “Big Brother”, chose air supply while Art and J.J. chose water supply. Air supply required teams to patch and pump a deflated bicycle wheel. Water supply on the other hand required teams to queue like the locals for water and deliver it to a house marked with “the amazing race” colors. Rachel and Dave had an argument while fixing their wheel making the cowboys finish first. Upon arriving at the next clue box which was also the double u-turn box, Mark and Bopper were faced with the decision of U-Turning a team but decided against it. If a team were u-turned the team has to complete the other detour. Meanwhile Vanessa and Ralph had a little trouble locating the first clue box while Nary and Jamie were just making their way through the beautiful carter.

At the other side of town, Rachel and Dave also decided not to use the u-turn (although they had an agreement with Art & J.J. during the fifth leg to u-turn the “Big Brother”couple). The Border patrols completed the detour before Brenchel and u-turned Brenchel thinking Rachel and Dave were behind them (because the married couple did not u-turn Brendon & Rachel). Brendon & Rachel realized they were u-turned by Art & J.J.,then decided to u-turn Vanessa & Ralph. Meanwhile, Mark & Bopper were still in the lead as they made their way to the roadblock task. Roadblock challenged the teams to remain calm as they collected 500 grams of Honey from various beehives. After teams complete the roadblock, they had to make their way by foot to the pit stop, Lake Manyara.

Finally, Art & J.J. had an opportunity to ask Rachel & Dave why they didn’t use u-turn like they promised. The response Rachel & Dave gave were the “teachers” were three hours behind them so there was no need to use the u-turn. Of course, this response made J.J. so angry that he decided to cut ties with his alliance. Lastly, Mark and Bopper came first this week although Bopper struggled while running to the pit-stop with his busted knee. The best friends won a trip to Hawaii. 🙂 The cowboys were closely followed by Rachel & Dave, Art & J.J., Rachel & Brendon and Vanessa and Ralph. Nary and Jamie were eliminated this week, the team fell behind due to their speed bump.

Are you surprised to see Nary & Jamie eliminated?

Click here for the preview of the next episode. The “race” continues next Sun., until then “race” fans!

The Amazing Race” airs Sundays, 8/7c on CBS!


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