‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 8 Ep 19 Recap: Support System

“Every little kid knows the words to this song, ‘the foot bone is connected to the leg bone, the leg bone is connected to the knee bone’ In medical school it’s little more complicated than that, but still the song is not wrong, everything is connected! The human body is made of systems that keep it alive, there’s the one that keeps you breathing and the one that keeps you standing, the one that makes you hungry and the one that makes you happy, they are all connected! Take a piece out and everything else falls apart! And it’s only when our support systems look like they might fail us that we realize how much we depended on them all along” –Meredith Grey (Episode Narrative)

GREY'S ANATOMY - "Support System" - A devastated Cristina presses Owen to confess the intimate details of his affair; Mark takes his new authority very seriously when he steps in as chief for the day and butts heads with Richard over a patient's liver transplant; and Callie deems Meredith ready for the boards, while the rest of the residents continue to stress about the exam. Meanwhile, Callie, Arizona and Bailey plan a much needed ladies night for Teddy, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, APRIL 12 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/ADAM LARKEY)ERIC DANE, JAMES PICKENS JR.

As we have seen in the past few episodes, Cristina and Owen are having major issues and this episode picked up right where they left off last week …you know after the bowl of cereal made it’s way to Owen’s face. LOL. Cristina finally spoke to Owen, but she wanted to know every little (painful) detail about the affair. Of course, that wasn’t such a good idea, but by now we should be used to Cristina’s weird and twisted behavior. I really thought she was going crazy in this episode; she cried, locked herself up in the bathroom and even missed work…hello?! Cristina Yang not showing up for work?! That freaked me out a little, afterall work was basically what she always wanted to do, performing surgeries is her life! But right now, there were other pressing issues more important than surgery (for now). She was really trying to understand why Owen cheated and after many hours of analyzing and arguing she got the answer, but it wasn’t pleasant! At the end of the day it all comes down to the ‘baby’ issue 😦

Due to the ‘Owentina’ drama and their impromptu sick leave, McSteamy took up Owen’s responsibility as the Chief of Surgery. ‘All Hail the Chief” Haha! I didn’t see that one coming, but he was great. The doctors were not so pleased about this temporary change and it was hard for them to take him seriously (especially Shepherd), but they went with the flow…well expect for Dr Webber towards the end of the episode, but the results turned out to be good. 🙂 McSteamy was really into the whole ‘Chief’ thing and he wanted to do well as he might not get another chance! They enjoyed his baked goods and the motivational quotes also helped some of them 🙂 but Owen never asked him to be Chief! Sneaky Sloan, I knew something was fishy! 😉

Ladies Night: Arizona and Callie decided to cheer Teddy up by having Ladies Night, but they invited Bailey so that it’s not too awkward. Bailey reluctantly agreed, but she later found out that Ben made plans for the two of them. She tried to back out of Ladies Night, but they other ladies (Callizona) were going to do the same too! At the end of the day, they fell for Teddy’s sad situation and they had Ladies Night (half-heartedly). Poor Bailey! Lol!

Meanwhile, the fifth-years are still studying for the boards. Meredith seemed to be ready after learning with the ‘Torres method,’ but others (Karev, Kepner & Avery) were still struggling. Their hypothetical method wasn’t working, so they decided to look at real cases. Unfortunately, there were so many case files to be studied in a short period as the Lady in charge of Library wouldn’t let the files out of her sight. Lexie is known to have a photographic memory, so they hijacked her to help memorize all the cases. By the way, who knew Kepner could be so petty?! Haha! “The things we do for boards” Lol! At the end of the day, Lexie was exhausted and her brain had enough already. Their plan failed, but Meredith offered them the ‘Grey’s Method!’ Yay! Looks like everyone will be passing the exam 🙂

This was a good episode 🙂 It had a lot of ‘aww’ moments!

Here’s the Preview for the next episode.

Enjoy 🙂

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thurs. at 9/8c on ABC.


6 thoughts on “‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 8 Ep 19 Recap: Support System”

  1. LOL @ Owenita. I liked this episode. I liked that Christina asked for the cheating details from Owen. I mean i would want to know too, like when exactly and how it led to him cheating. sucks tho, because it goes back to the whole baby situation which will always be there! Christina needs to understand that it won’t just go away, but then again Owen shoulda known the kinda girl he fell in love with.
    Also, I learnt alot from Merideth’s patient who had the failing organs. Family and friends matter with or without life. ❤

  2. I think Owentina’s drama started because of the lack of communication between them, they don’t talk about their issues as much as they should. They got married without putting much thought into it. Also, none of them were willing to compromise. This episode was the only time they actually opened up, but it was already too late.

    1. Christina is NOT the type one just jumps into marriage with. she’s too different. but hey someone gotta love her. Owen should KNOW her and what is important to her. He was thinking “yeah u say u don’t want the baby now now but when you get pregnant, you’ll keep it”. She proved that she’s not that type. haha, i knew he was gonna cheat, lol but i thought with Teddy. haha

  3. i was so mad @ Owen and Christina. i thought they were a good couple and i wanted them to be together. Sucks though, now Christina goes back to her normal bitter and geeky self! I loved the way Webber handled Sloan, i was like all hail King of Surgery!

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