‘The Amazing Race:’ Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Season 20 Ep. 7.

On this episode of ‘The Amazing Race’ there was a lot of Drama! Yes, Rachel and Vanessa finally went head to head. But before we get to that…

…The military couple departed first since they won the last leg, closely followed by the Border patrols, Brenchel, Cowboys, Federal agents and the Dating divorcees. Upon arriving at the Travel agency, Art and J.J. informed everyone excluding Rachel and Dave that the federal agents are some kind of law enforcement officials and not teachers (because of a conversation they had during the previous leg). Of course that  got everyone talking. Brendon naturally told Nary & Jamie what Art & J.J. said about them. The girls did not seem fazed by this announcement. 

Everyone boarded the same flight to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania via Nairobi, Kenya. The catfight occurred during the transfer to Tanzania. Vanessa and Ralph claim Brendon and Rachel bumped them while they raced to the transfer counter in Kenya, which caused some chaos. There was some alleged flipped bird. It was Team Brenchel vs. Team Dating Divorcees. There was yelling, & some back and forth about Rachel’s nose job, boob job & weight. Of course you know Rachel snapped & cried but there were no tears! Vanessa went further by saying Rachel cried because of her low self-esteem and if she cannot take it she should not dish it. Art and J.J. also stirred up drama by confronting Nary & Jamie about their professions. The women denied being Federal agents (but we know they are not teachers).

Eventually, the teams made their way to their first task via a charter plane. Art & J.J. and Brenchel were on the  first flight. The Cowboys & the Military couple were on the second flight, while the federal agents & dating divorcees were on the last flight. The view was beautiful. Teams had to choose a safari vehicle and head off to a nearby village. Art & J.J. got there first and had to choose a Detour, ‘marksmanship’ or ‘courtship.’ ‘Courtship’ required the teams to jump about 8,000 feet above sea-level for a minute, however, ‘marksmanship’ required teams to use a local weapon to shatter a clear target. Brenchel and the cowboys  choose ‘courtship’ while border patrols, federal agents, dating divorcees, and military couple chose the other. The latter teams had a bit of trouble with this detour. Brendon and Rachel completed the detour first, got their next clue and made their way back to their Safari truck via bicycles, with the other teams trailing behind them.

Due to some direction errors, Rachel & Dave were the first team to arrive at the next challenge. The next task was to create a campsite for the night. Rachel and Dave were already building their campsite, when the other teams joined them. The married couple argued a lot while building their camp for the night. They clearly have some major communication issues. Vanessa and Ralph were the last team to arrive at the campsite. Despite their argument, Rachel and Dave completed the last task first making them the first team to check in with Phil. The couple won a trip to Costa Rica!  They were closely followed by Mark & Bopper, Art & J.J., Brenchel, Vanessa & Ralph. J.J. is a sore loser, it seems he does not want any other team but his team to come first all the time.  Nary and Jamie were the last team to check in with Phil. Although, they thought they were going to be eliminated but thankfully it is a non-elimination leg. Therefore, the girls are still in the race and will incur a speed bump during the next leg.

What team are you on? Team Brenchel or Team Dating divorcees? The race continues next week, until then Race fans!

“The Amazing Race” airs Sundays on CBS at 8 EST.


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