A Merge with Multiple Alliances!!! ‘Survivor: One World, ep. 7 Recap!

The last episode of ‘Survivor’ marked the beginning of the phrase every man for his or her self because of the merge. Some people were thrilled while others were not excited about the merge. Alicia had already started planning strategies on how to return to her old alliance while Tarzan wanted the guys to stay as one alliance and flush the girls out of the game one by one.  In other news, the tribe came up with a tribe name: Tikiano.

The reward challenge was all about speed and strength. The reward for the challenge was pizza, beer and a secret note. The tribe was split into two teams: The Orange team and The Blue team. The orange team won and went to claim their reward. Apart from the food, the secret note was the main reward. What was the secret note about? It said that there was another hidden immunity idol on the Island. SHOCKER! Meanwhile, back on the island, Tarzan and Jonas had a verbal fight and misunderstanding. Jonas was upset that Tarzan went to talk with Michael about keeping the men’s Manono alliance. Tarzan was indifferent about Jonas’s blow out.

The next day, Troyzan woke up very early to find the immunity idol. He eventually found it! Today was the immunity challenge. The reward for the challenge is individual immunity necklace. The theme of this challenge was ‘balancing the ball on a tray‘. Troyzan won! He does not only have the individual immunity necklace, he also has the hidden immunity idol! It was a good day for him.  When they all returned to the Island, members of the Salani tribe decided to vote off the strongest Manono player. Even though these tribes are non-existent, the alliances are very much alive. Members of the Salani tribe chose to vote Jonas off the Island. Some of the members were bitter about the decision because he cooked for them. Troyzan told Jonas that he was on the chopping block and the chance of him going home was very high.  Jonas went to apologize to Tarzan for lashing out at him. Maybe Jonas taught that the fight was the reason that everyone wanted him to go home.

Speaking of Tarzan, Tarzan had a misunderstanding with Chelsea. What happened was that Tarzan had a stain inside his underwear. According to Sabrina and others, it looked like poop! Ewwww. Tarzan denied it. So, Chelsea washed her clothes and put her clothes in a pot filled with hot water to get it steamed. Tarzan, wIthout asking, Tarzan put his poopy underwear in the pot. Chelsea told him to take it out, he said no. She asked if he could remove his underwear so that she can take out her clothes, he took it out but did not let her finish taking her clothes out before he put his poopy underwear back in the pot. Chelsea got upset and walked away. Later, she had a meeting with her alliance and asked if they coud vote Tarzan of the Island instead of Jonas.

Tribal Council started off boring but as soon as Jonas opened his mouth, all hell broke loose! Jonas threw Michael under the bus by saying he was more of a threat than he was. Which is absolutely true. Tarzan felt disrespected about what Jonas said about Michael and that led to their (Jonas and Tarzan) second misunderstanding. Chelsea and Sabrina agreed that Tarzan is a handful. Tarzan agreed that he is not the easiest person to deal with when he is out of his comfort zone. His comfort zone is an operation room in a hospital. Obviously, Jonas went home. That is what he gets for digging his own grave. Who the hell starts picking on people at tribal council? He sealed his own fate!

The question is, is Tarzan next on the chopping block? Find out next time on ‘Survivor’!

‘Survivor’ airs every Wednesday, 8pm, only on CBS!


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