‘True Blood’: Trust Issues Promo.

The trailers keep coming! And we love it! HBO released another trailer of the forthcoming season of “True Blood.”

Do I smell trouble/issues? Trust issues to be specific, between Eric and Pam? Oh yes, I do. It seems Eric and Pam’s relationship has hit a brick wall since season four finale.

I can’t say I’m surprised. What do you think? Will this be the tragic end of Pam and Eric’s relationship?

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the promo below.

Click here for the previous trailer. “True Blood” upcoming season is set to premiere Sunday, June 10 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. Waiting sucks!

Weekly TV News: ‘Big Brother,’ ‘Snooki And JWoww’ and more!

Hello sweet people! A lot of goodies were announced last week, but first let’s begin with Cbs.

Cbs revealed its premiere dates for its summer reality shows.

“Big Brother” returns Thursday, July 12, 9 p.m. EST. The competitive reality show will air three times a week, Wed. at  8/7c, Thurs. (Live eviction show) at 9/8c p.m. and Sun., at 8/7c p.m.

Also premiering in the summer is a new dating series called, “3.” The show follows three different single women looking for their one true love. The 90-minute premiere airs Sun., July 22 9 p.m. ET., with an hour-long episodes airing in the following weeks.

“Dogs In The City” also a new reality series by Cbs premieres Wednesday, May 30 at 8 p.m. EST. The show revolves around a dog guru, Justin Silver as he resolves issues between canines and their owners.

Will you watch these new reality series?

Premiering this summer is “Snooki And JWoww,” one of “Jersey Shore” spin-off reality series. “Snooki And JWoww” kicks off Thursday, June 21 at 10 p.m. ET. Below is the preview, take a look.

In other news, Ryan Searcest will remain the host of ‘American Idol” for two more seasons. Searcest new contract will take him through 2014.

The Renewals:

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians”  was renewed for three more seasons earlier last week. “The Lying Game” was also renewed last week for a second season.

“Single Ladies” is back for a second season without Stacey Dash, of course but with a new business woman, Raquel (Denise Vasi). A sophisticated business woman coming into her own and calling the shots. Click here for the promo.  Season two is set to premiere Mon., Memorial Day, May 28th at 9/8c on Vh1

Also returning this summer for a second season is”Awkward.” The second season is set premiere June 28, at 10:30 p.m. ET following “Snooki And JWoww.”

‘Fringe’ Renewed For a Fifth and Final Season.

Fringe tv show photo

Great news “Fringe” fans! “Fringe” will return for a final season of 13 episodes this fall.

Kevin Reilly, Fox Broadcasting Company president said in a press release today “FRINGE is a remarkably creative series that has set the bar as one of television’s most imaginative dramas. Bringing it back for a final 13 allows us to provide the climactic conclusion that its passionate and loyal fans deserve,” said Reilly.

“The amazing work the producers, writers and the incredibly talented cast and crew have delivered the last four seasons has literally been out of this world. Although the end is bittersweet, it’s going to be a very exciting final chapter.”

The fourth season of “Fringe” wraps up with a two-part season finale Fri., May 4 and May 11.

Below is the Season 5 trailer! Have a look.

Are you excited “Fringe” is getting a chance to wrap up the series? How would you like to see series end?

“Fringe” airs Fridays, 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

‘True Blood’: Season 5 Latest Previews

If we know anything about “True Blood,” we know the residents of Bon Temps cannot escape their past. According to the teaser below, it seems a buried villain is back. Russell Edgington!! Alcide warns Sookie about the buried King. Do we sense some tension between Alcide and Sookie? Could Alcide’s love confession create this chilliness?

The series has had it shares of relationship problems, but we wonder what our favorites shapeshifters are worried about. Sam and Luna are still going strong, but are concerned about some “wonderful people”. Waiting sucks, watch the latest promo below.


A couple more clips were released today, take a look.

Want more “True Blood”? Click here for the previous trailer. The upcoming season of “True Blood” premieres Sunday, June 10 9/8c on HBO.

‘The Amazing Race:’ Cochin, India. Season 20 Ep 9.

Last night’s episode of the race was intense, the heat in India physically affected some racers especially Mark, which almost made him quit the race. Before the teams made  their way to Cochin, India, The ‘married couple’ & ‘the border patrols’ met at the travel agency but did not  acknowledge each other. The u-turn feud continues. All teams excluding Vanessa & Ralph boarded the same flight to India while Vanessa & Ralph flew to India via Nairobi. But all teams arrived in Cochin at the same time.

Upon arriving in Cochin, the racers had to board a bus to Scared Heart College. Roadblock was the next clue. Teams had to dance Bollywood style. They had to learn a routine and perform the routine for the Bollywood choreographer to receive their next clue. Rachel, J.J., Rachel, Mark, and Vanessa chose to be the roadblockers this week. The guys had a bit of challenge performing the ‘roadblock’. J.J. & Mark had no rhythm, the teams with women fared better with the task. Rachel danced her way through ‘roadblock’ with every body else trailing behind. Bopper and Mark were the last team at the roadblock. According to Bopper, Mark “has no rhythm but has a heart”. Bopper wished he was the teammate dancing and not Mark, but he couldn’t because of his injury. (He twisted his ankle and knee during the last leg). Bopper wanted to take the penalty or go home but Mark wanted to complete the roadblock. They were ready to quit because Mark was sick. 😦 But Mark decided to give the task a last try, he wanted to prove to his kids he doesn’t quit. So he danced one more time, the 12th time and finally accomplished the task. The group of dancers hugged Mark as they celebrated. Awww, so sweet.

The next task was a ‘detour’. Each team could either choose ‘cricket’ or ‘clutch it’. ‘Cricket’ required each teammate to hit a ball to a certain boundary. On the other hand, ‘clutch it’ required teammate to learn how to drive a rickshaw, a three-wheeler vehicle around an obstacle course. The married couple and the dating divorcees chose ‘clutch it’ while the ‘big brother’ couple and the border patrols chose ‘cricket’. Rachel and Brendon beat Art & J.J. while play cricket which pissed the border patrols off. Shocker! Rachel & Dave worked together to complete the obstacle course without arguing of course.

India’s Bolgatty Palace was the pit stop this week. Rachel and Dave arrived at the pit stop first place this week, for the fifth time. The other racers arrived at the Palace in the following order: Brendon & Rachel, Art & J.J., Vanessa & Ralph and Mark & Bopper. The cowboys thought they were going to be eliminated last night, but Phil informed them it was a non-elimination. So once again, the lucky cowboys are still in the million dollars race. 🙂

Will Mark and Bopper breeze through the speed bump next week? Tune in next Sunday for an all-new episode of “The Amazing Race”.

The preview of the next episode looks intense, click here for the preview.

The Amazing Race” airs Sundays, 8/7c on CBS!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 8 Ep. 20: The Girl With No Name

“When you are a kid, you always want things to stay the same, the same teacher, same house, same friends. Being a Surgeon is no different, you get used to the same attendings, same scrub nurses, same hospital…Of course, that all changes, the minute fifth-year comes around and you have to find a new job…it’s one of those things people say, you can’t move on until you have left go of the past, letting go is the easy part, it’s the moving on that is painful, so sometimes we fight it, try and keep things the same, things can’t stay the same though, at some point you just have to let go, move on! Because no matter how painful it is, it’s the only way we grow” Meredith Grey (Episode Narrative).

GREY'S ANATOMY - "The Girl with No Name" - The doctors work on a Jane Doe, who turns out to be the subject of a case that gained national interest; Cristina proves to be the highest in demand as the residents begin their interviews for post-residency positions at prospective hospitals; and Richard is faced with an unsettling realization when he visits Adele at Rose Ridge, on "Grey's Anatomy," THURSDAY, APRIL 19 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/RANDY HOLMES)VANESSA MARANO, ELLEN POMPEO, PATRICK DEMPSEY

This episode was centered around the ‘fifth-years’, their job interviews, and a really traumatized patient. The patient was supposedly a hiker that fell and was badly injured. Soon after she got to the hospital, Meredith noticed the scars on her body and she realized that the patient wasn’t hiking, but she had been running from someone. From her scans Teddy saw signs that show that the girl had been tortured. Apparently, She was kidnapped when she was 6 years old and the Kidnapper lived 5 miles from her parent’s house, but they didn’t find her until now (12 years later). It was sad to watch that some people have actually been through what the patient had been through-kidnapped, raped, tortured, and isolated from everyone at such a young age. There was work to be done on the patient by almost every department in the hospital. The patient formed a bond with Meredith (the psychiatrist wasn’t so happy about this) and she needed her approval for everything, everyone around her seemed like a stranger and whenever she was asked a question, she turned to Meredith before answering.

The doctors were freaked out by this case; Owen had to deal with a lot of administrative stuff around the hospital as the press gathered to feed on the story of the patient, Cristina was also there to encourage him and he looked like he needed her approval for everything. It was so hard to contain what the patient had gone through, especially for Bailey…she knew the story of how the patient had gone missing and she never stopped thinking about it. She even had a panic attack at the daycare when her son was missing. She turned the place upside down and even started crying, but it wasn’t the kidnapper (Thank Goodness), Tucker (her son) had a nosebleed and a nurse had taken him outside to get it treated. Derek and Mark witnessed the whole thing and they realized the intensity of the situation. Every parent’s worst nightmare is for their child to go missing right under their nose.

Cristina was quite the catch for the recruiters, she got offers from the best places more than everyone else and there was a basket of goodies from each one of them to convince her to work for them. Teddy doesn’t want her to leave and she tells Owen to make her stay (she didn’t get the memo about the break up o_o), but Owen yelled at her and made it clear to Teddy that she wasn’t in a position to talk to him about such matters. However, Cristina seemed to be determined to leave Seattle, but Meredith? Not so much, she’s loving the way things are right now so she is not eager to leave. She even tried to avoid the interview Bailey had set up for her, but at the end of the day she went. Dear writers, she is not really leaving right? Because there can’t be Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey! #justsaying

As for the other fifth years, April’s interview didn’t go so well. She did all the talking and she was very confident about her resume. Sometimes it’s not all about what you have done, but who you are! At the end of the day, personality goes a long way! April rants to her colleagues about the situation, but Alex’s situation is even worse as he hasn’t been getting calls from the big places like others. Arizona didn’t want him to leave so she had been messing with his recommendations and referring him to smaller hospitals in places like Toledo, Canada…Ohio! haha! LOL!

No matter how far he runs or how hard he tries, Jackson Avery can’t seem to get away from his name or his family’s achievement. His Mentor, Mark had gotten him an interview, but they seem to be interested in his family rather than what he had to offer as a surgeon. Poor baby. 😦 Speaking of sad, I feel really bad for Webber, his sick wife barely remembers him and she is seeing someone else! Wow…Life!!

This was a really great episode filled with a lot of emotions; sadness, laughter, anger, anxiety, and fear. It was a great episode!!! <;3

Omg! the next episode promises to be even better!!! so excited, we are going to see some action! hint: Lexie and Mark? Kepner and Avery! Finally! What happens after the boards?!

Here’s the preview for the next episode!

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thurs. at 9/8c on ABC.

Weekly TV News: Fox’s Anniversary Special, USA, & “RHOA”.

Hello sweet readers!

Fox turned 25 this month and to celebrate the network is airing a two-hour 25th Anniversary Special hosted by Ryan Seacrest. The Anniversary Special kicks off tomorrow April 22 at 8/7 p.m. on Fox. It’s slated to feature stars from “Ally McBeal,” “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “Married With Children,” “American Idol,” “24,” “That ’70s Show,” “In Living Color,” “The X-Flies” and of course “The Simpsons”.

More Fox’s news. George Lopez will host Fox’s new dating series, “Take Me Out”. Lopez will play matchmaker to thirty women and men contestants. The show premieres Thursday, June 7 at 8 p.m. ET.

In other TV news, there is one less cab in NYC. Discovery cancelled it trivia show “Cash Cab” while, TLC’s “My Crazy Obsession” will return for a second season.

Juicy news!

Martha Stewart, whose daily talk show, “The Martha Stewart Show” was cancelled by Hallmark in January is heading to PBS. Stewart announced Thursday PBS will air her new program “Martha Stewart”s Cooking School”. The weekly 30 minutes program will air in the fall.

Sheree Whitfield won’t be returning to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the reality star announced she wants to focus more on empowering and inspiring women. “RHOA” just wrapped up its fourth season last week.

Meanwhile, Big Ang, Raiola the break-out star on “Mob Wives” is getting her own spin-off reality series. The series called “Big Ang” joins “Mob Wives Chicago” as “Mob Wives” growing franchise. The reality series will include ten episodes premiering in the summer. Will you watch “Big Ang?”


“Damages” fifth and last season premieres Jul., 11 9 p.m. ET exclusively on DIRECTV.

More summer premiere news, USA networks revealed it premiere dates from its summer line-up. “White Collar” and “Covet Affairs” return July 10. “Royal Pains” and “Necessary Roughness” return June 6 while “Burn Notice” and “Suits” premiere June 14.


Lastly, Perez Hilton will guest star on “Glee”! The blogger will guest star as a judge at Nationals.

‘Homeland’ Season 2 Teaser.

According to Showtime, “Homeland” season 2 will answer of our burning questions:

Who has the video?

Where is the vest? Brody’s deadly explosive bomb vest?

Who is the mole in the CIA? Could the mole be Estes or Saul?

Will Carrie remember?

Lastly, is she still in love with Brody?

Below is the teaser, take a look.

“Homeland” season 2 premieres 10 p.m. EST, Sunday Sep. 30 on Showtime. 

Once You Go Bad, Screwing Others Over Becomes The Norm! ‘Survivor: One World’ Recap!

Survivor One World Jay eliminated

I’m late again, my apologies. The second to the last episode of “Survivor” was epic. I mean, I have never seen a player in the history of “Survivor” who believes no one is coming after him. Rule number one: never assume that anyone or everyone has your back. WIth that said, here are the highlights of the second to the last episode:

  • Jay won the immunity necklace.
  • Troyzan still believes that the Salani tribe is still a unified tribe. well, NOT ANYMORE!!
  • Sabrina and Kim got a chance to talk about strategies and also about voting Mike off the island. Their plan was to get rid of all the guys and have only both of them and Chelsea in the end.
  • Tarzan and Chelsea got into a fight AGAIN! This time, it was about a bamboo. Shezzz, can’t these two just kiss and make up? Tarzan came to a conclusion that Chealsea doesn’t like him because he is a plastic surgeon. Huh!?! Lol. WOW!
  • The big surprise of the episode: started when Jay was having suspicions about the girls. He noticed that they were up to something which they were. Kim told Troyzan that Mike said they should vote him (Troyzan) off the island so that Troyzan can vote Mike off if they asked him. Jay finally figured out that Mike was the target. As he was about to tell Mike, Kim rushed over to where they were standing and basically shut him up by diverting the topic of discussion. Mike, being a dumbass and sitting too comfortable let the girls handle everything because he trusted them. Little did he know that he put fate in the hands of those who, without any hesitation,  sealed his fate. Mike was blind sided and he was voted off the Island!

Now, the last episode was more interesting because everyone was in their paranoid state. Tarzan told Troyzan that the girls are planning to knock them (the guys) out one by one. Why isn’t any of the men listening to him?!?! Oh, that’s right. He is crazy! Lol. But one has to give Tarzan credit because he IS smart. Troyzan was not really bothered because he had the immunity idol to keep him safe.

The reward challenge was played differently this time. Jeff, the host was absent and it was played in their camp. The reward challenge was all about trying to get high points on the board. The reward was barbecue on a private Island. As usual, the tribe was divided into two teams. To cut the long story short, with the help of Tarzan, his team won and immediately went to the private Island. Those who were on the winning team loved the Island. It was gorgeous and peaceful. While some people were exploring the private Island, others like Kat and Jay were talking about strategies. Jay taught that they should send a girl home so that it can be even genders. He also said that individuals like Alicia and Tarzan should be voted off the island before them. Kat played along and agreed with him.

Later that day, the girls had a meeting. Kim talked about evicting Jay and then Troyzan later. Basically, she wanted whoever that doesn’t win the immunity idol between the two of them voted off the Island. Chelsea felt bad that she had to evict Jay or Troyzan because she gave them her word. Jay met with Kat and suggested that they should vote Alicia off the Island and he trusted that Kim and Chelsea will agree with the suggestion. What a dumb ass! Jay met with the girls and asked them to vote Alicia off the Island. Little did he know that he was a candidate for eviction. Troyzan suspected that the girls were going to make a big move that may not include him.

Once again, the immunity necklace was up for grab! The immunity challenge was all about how long one could hold one of their arms in an upright position. One arm was connected to a chain and the chain was connected to a big bucket filled with a liquid substance above their head. If the arm was lowered and the bucket turned over, she or he was eliminated from the game. Not only did they have to keep one arm up, they also had to overcome the temptation of food. During the game, Jeff, the host bribed players with food. People like Alicia and Jay took the offer without any hesitation while others like Troyzan fell off their balance while struggling to stay in the game. Everyone excluding Chelsea and Leif were out of the challenge. Chelsea told Leif to let her win or else, he will have a target on his back. Leif, being dumb let her win the immunity necklace. SMH!

As soon as everyone got back to the island, Chelsea and Kim called for another girl’s meeting. They decided to vote Troyzan off the Island. The amazing thing the girls did was that they split the vote. Kim and Chelsea told some of the girls to vote for Troyzan and some of the girls to vote for Jay. That way, one of them was going to be voted off the Island. Then, Kim told Alicia that they are going to tell Jay that they are voting for her to go home so that Jay wouldn’t be suspicious. Troyzan expressed his feelings to Jay about not feeling safe and not trusting the girls. He also told Jay that he had an immunity idol and he was going to play it. Dumb ass Jay went to tell Kim that Troyzan had an immunity idol and he was going to play it.  Kim didn’t have time to let everyone know the situation because it was right before tribal council. This game is indeed a foot!

Tribal council commenced. The discussion of the night was about who had the immunity idol. Jeff asked if anyone felt unsafe. Only Troyzan, Jay and surprisingly Kim raised their hands. The votes were in and before Jeff read the votes, Troyzan played his immunity idol which was a smart move. Jeff read the votes and Jay went home!!! SHOCKER! He was speechless. Lol. I was dying of laughter. His big mouth killed him. Apart from Jay eviction, a strange thing happened with the votes. There were more people’s’ names read: Troyzan, Jay, Alicia and, Kim. Alicia had more votes than Kim and Troyzan. If that doesn’t ring a bell Alicia, then you must not be as smart as I think you are.

To find out if Troyzan gets evicted next, tune in every Wednesday, 8 p.m. only on CBS for more on “Survivor!”

See ya!

Two Can Play That Game! ‘The Good Wife’ Recap!

The Good Wife Pants On Fire (5)

I know I’m super late with posting the second to the last episode of “The Good Wife”, with that said, here are the highlights for that episode:

  • The IRS was investigating Kalinda for the checks she has recievd from unanimous people. It turned out that the main reason she was investigated was about the work that she did for the Bishop.
  • Alicia got a salary bump!
  • Eli, David and Julius were still after Will’s position in the firm since he is suspended.
  • Alicia’s old home was up for sale. She went to see it. During this time, she went down memory lane of her experiences and incidents that happened inside the house.
  • Alicia was invited to be on  the panel with other high rank people (judges, pastor, e.t.c.) in the society to solve a police shooting case. The panel was a court hearing but it was not in a courtroom. It was in a room where the representatives on the panel sat in a single lined row and faced the witness or individual who was on trial. This is where Alicia was introduced to Mike, who was leader of the panel. Alicia, being a good lawyer found clues to solve the case but Mike did not like that she was going to be the hero and save the day. It turned out that Alicia’s husband, Peter hid evidence from that case. Mike gave Alicia two options: it’s either she shuts up and let the case stay as it is or she can solve the case which involves investigating the state attorney’s office (Peter’s office).  Given that ultimatum, Alicia recused herself!

The Good Wife Pants On Fire (2)

Now, the last episode of “The Good Wife” marked the beginning of dirty political game. It started when Alicia saw Mike, the SOB who gave her two choices towards the end of the panel hearing. He supposedly claimed that he came to inform her that she had to write a minority report about the case even though she recused herself. Mike used that visit as a political gain because the next day, he told the media that Alicia invited him into her office and told him not to investigate her husband concerning the shooting case. Mike wanted to destroy Peter’s reputation before he decides to run for governor. Obviously, Alicia felt bad and decided to talk to Eli about it. Eli told her there is nothing he could about it and she just have to deal with the situation until it all goes away. The next day, Alicia went to Mike’s office and confronted him about all the lies he was saying to the media. Mike tried to convince Alicia that she was the one that said those things.  Alicia told Mike if Peter were to run for governor, Peter was going to beat him.

Alicia went back to Eli and told him to convince Peter to run for governor and that she would think about helping Peter during the campaign. Peter finally met Mike in an elevator ride, they exchanged words. Peter told Mike to leave each other’s family out of the issue. Mike told Peter that if he runs for governor, Alicia is going to feel the pain the most because he was going to go after her. Peter promised Mike that he is going to come after him with everything he’s got. With that said, may the best man win and let the dirty political game begin!

In other news, here are the highlights for other juicy incidents:

  • Alicia finally talked to Jackie about why Jackie bought their old home. Jackie said she had great memories in that house and she was buying it for Peter (her son). Alicia threatened to keep her from her grandchildren if she buys the house. Alicia also called Peter and told about what his mother did. Peter met with his mother and harshly told her to not buy the house. Few hours after that meeting , Jackie was laying on a bed in the hospital. She had a stroke.
  • After so many years, Eli finally slept with his ex-wife. It’s about time! Keep in mind that Eli is managing his wife’s campaign for a position in the state’s office and is also managing Peter. But unfortunately, one of Peter big supporters gave Eli a choice to either drop his wife as a client and support Peter or keep his wife and lose him and others as supporters for Peter. Peter’s big supporters told Eli that they already have a candidate for the position that Eli’s wife is campaigning for and they would appreciate it if she did not run..  Eli broke the news to his ex-wife and she was pissed.
  • With Alicia by his side, Peter decided to run for governor.

Click here for the preview of the next episode.

“The Good Wife” airs Sunday, 9 p.m. only on CBS!