‘Supernatural’ ep. 17 recap: It’s Time To Hunt Down The Demon Inside Of Me.

In the last episode of supernatural, Sam and Dean did not hunt down any demon. Sam was hit by a car. Prior to the accident, Sam has not slept in days because he was trying to get rid of Lucifer. He was admitted to the Hospital, he had broken ribs and laceration. Dean demanded to see Sam but the doctor said they admitted him to psychiatric care. Dean finally saw Sam and they talked for a while. Sam told Dean that he was giving up on trying to get rid of Lucifer but Dean told him he shouldnt give up and that he was not giving up on him (Sam). Dean made phone calls to a lot of people who might be able to help Sam. He finally called a number he found in Bobby’s belongings. The guy he called recommended a guy named Emmanuel. Surprisingly, Emmanuel is Angel Cas. What!?! You taught he was dead? Me too!..Unfortunately, Cas could not remember anything about his previous life, he is presently married.

Meanwhile, Sam has been getting picked on by Lucifer in psychiatric care. It is bad enough that Lucifer’s voice and presence is already annoying but he had to make his presence extra annoying by throwing fire crackers towards Sam and, playing loud music. Poor Sam. On the bright side, Sam met a girl, she said the reason for her admittance was that she sees and talks to her brother. Her brother wants her to kill herself so that they can be together. Normal peeps like us would say psycho!

Cas agreed to help Dean. On their way back to see Sam, Dean decided to stop over at a store.  While he was in the store getting something to eat, Demons attacked him. As one of the Demons was about to kill Dean, a chick named Meg rescued Dean. She killed the Demons before they could escape. Dean was surprised to see her. She told him that she has stalked him for a while now. Dean asked her what she wanted and she said Cas. Dean agreed to give Cas to her as soon Cas heals Sam. When they got to the hospital, a lot of Demons were waiting for them at the entrance. The only way they could kill all the demons was if Dean and Meg helped Cas remember his past and who he was. Dean was skeptical about the idea but he agreed to it. Dean refreshed his memory. As Cas killed the demons, he remembered everything about his past.

Cas saw Sam. He told Dean that there is nothing he could do to expel Lucifer BUT he could transfer Lucifer over to him which he did. Cas was very surprised to see Lucifer again. Keep in mind that Cas and Lucifer were once brothers. Brothers meaning they were fighting the same cause. But Lucifer decided to go to the dark side. The question is what Angel is going to rule Cas’s body? Cas or Lucifer? The battle  for Cas’s body has begun! Sam and Dean left Cas at the psychiatric care. They did not want anyone to know that he was alive. Cas is like a bomb in the making, all he needs is someone to put him together and he will be destructively activated. Meg decided to work at the hospital. Who the hell knows what she is up to? Whatever it is, it can’t be good…

The next episode has three Clues: A dorky friend, drinks and, a scary looking female ghost. Take a look!

‘Supernatural’ airs every Friday, 9/8c p.m. only on CW!



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