Dear Colton, Karma Is Indeed A Bitch! ‘Survivor: One Island’ ep. 6

In the last episode of ‘Survivor,’ Christina was the topic of conversation at the Manono Island. Colton confronted and told Christina that she was going home next. Meanwhile, on the Salani Island, Kat dreamt that Alicia killed her. Lol. If you ask me, Alicia would prefer to strangle or kill her in real life. The reward challenge came by and the reward was an Ice Cream pallor; with the help of Trozan last mighty performance, the Salani Tribe won! The Salani Tribe went to enjoy their reward in an undisclosed location while the Manono Tribe went back to their island. At the Island, Christina talked about voting Alicia off the Island to Leif and Jonas. She told them that Alicia had an alliance with the other tribe, therefore, she had a huge advantage over her and everyone else when the merge comes. All of a sudden, Alicia started clapping behind Christina. She heard everything that Christina said. Alicia got angry but Christina stood by everything she said.

 The next day, Colton was sick. Christina felt bad for him and decided to take care of him. She took advantage of this opportunity so that Colton could see that she was not a bad person and he can ultimately take the target off her back.  The paramedics attended to Colton, they said that he had appendicitis and he had to be removed from the game so that he can get treated. Before he left, Colton was asked if he would like to give anyone the immunity Idol. He said he was taking it with him as a souvenir. Typical Colton. As close as Alicia was to Colton, he did not give her the immunity idol. SHOCKER! This action screwed Alicia over because she was a stranger to the rest of the tribe members which meant that she will be  automatically placed on the eviction list. We can all agree that the pain Colton was feeling was a result of karma. Karma came back and bit him in his little conniving country ass.

On the day of the challenge, both teams received another clue. This time, it was not a clue for the challenge. It was a clue about Tribal Council. Both teams were going to Tribal Council. At the Manono tribe, Leif, Jonas and Christina agreed to vote Alicia out of the game. Before they left for Tribal Councl, Tarzan called Leif aside and asked him to vote Christina off the island.

Both teams arrived at Tribal Council. Both teams were surprised to see each other. The Salani Tribe were more surprised that Colton was missing. Jeff, the host explained Colton’s situation to the Salani Tribe. Alicia told Sabrina that Colton said thank you for the immunity idol.  Jeff asked the Salani Tribe about the whereabouts of the Colton’s immunity idol since he is no more in the game to play it.. Majority of the Salani members said that someone had the immunity idol even though they were informed by some of the members of the Manono Tribe that Colton took it with him. Further opinions and speculations were made by both teams about the issue. The last news for the night was that both teams were merging! This means that both teams will now be a team and everyone will be fighting for themselves.

How will the fall of Queen Bee, Colton affect the new tribe?

P.S. ‘Survivor’ airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS!


3 thoughts on “Dear Colton, Karma Is Indeed A Bitch! ‘Survivor: One Island’ ep. 6”

    1. no one was evicted. colton was allowed to take the immunity idol aka individual immunity necklace. i should have said specifically that it was the individual immunity necklace and not the immunity idol. sorry about the confusion.

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