‘The Amazing Race.’ Baku, Azerbaijan. Season 20 ep. 6

On this episode of ‘The Amazing Race’ Art & J.J. were dethroned by the ‘married couple,’ while we discovered Bopper has a crush on Jamie and Mark gets car-sick while riding in the backseat.

The teams made their way to Baku, Azerbaijan via Istanbul, Turkey. Everyone was on the same flight. Vanessa thought Azerbaijan was going to be nice and warm, because it is called The Land of Fire. Of course, Mark thought they all going to Africa. Bopper: “Do you think we are going to Africa?” Mark: “I think it is. Land of fire.” Bopper: “Azerbaijan” Mark: “Sounds Africa to me” Duhh!  LOL! Upon arriving in Baku, the teams’ next clue was at the Temple of Fire. When they arrived, they thought they were going to get their next clue and be on their way. But the Temple of Fire does not open until sunrise, so the racers decided to dance with the locals.

Fun fact: a team can not compete in a Fast Forward if they have completed one in an earlier episode. The next clue was a Fast Forward and a Route Info. Rachel & Dave, and Joey & Danny chose the Fast Forward task while the remaining racers -Art a& J.J., Brendon & Rachel, Nary & Jamie, and Vanessa & Ralph, Bopper & Mark- chose to complete the Roadblock. The fast forward task required teams to unload 150 bales of hay, and build a ten long, three wide and five high bale of hay. The first team who wins the Fast Forward moves on to the pit-stop, while the losing team returns to the Roadblock. The ‘married couple’ won the Fast Forward putting them in first place while the Jersey boys had to catch up with the other teams making them the last team at that point in the race.

The Roadblock task: Escape Helicopter, instructed the teams to seat in a helicopter upside down, swim through a window to their next clue. J.J., Jamie, Bopper, Brendon, Vanessa and Joey all completed the Roadblock for their respective teams, although Vanessa had some problems facing her fear of being claustrophobic and underwater. She completed the Roadblock like a pro. Mark revealed to Nary that Bopper has a crush on Jamie, her teammate. Awww. On the other side of town, the Jersey Boys were on their way to the Swimming task, while Rachel and Dave were checking in with Phil. They won this leg of the race dethroning Art and J.J., and winning a couple of Fords.

Meanwhile, the next clue was a detour. The teams could either choose oil or Apples. Oil detour required the teams to scrape and use sponge and water to remove crude oil off a bather’s body after he is done soaking in oil. The locals believe they receive blessings as they soak in crude oil. Crude oil tho? Hmm. Apples, on the other hand required teams to search for an Apple marked with ‘The Amazing Race’s flag among hundreds of Apples in an old Soviet Union Car. Nary and Jamie chose Apples while Brenchel, Bopper and Mark, Art and J.J. opted for oil. It seemed Nary and Jamie searched for hours, allowing the ‘dating divorcees’ to catch up with them.

While at the other Detour, the teams had to scrape crude off some hairy, tall bathers. The scene was definitely not pleasant. Everyone was pretty uncomfortable.I was surprised no one switched Detours. The comeback kids this week were Joey and Danny, the boys breezed through the Roadblock and caught up with Vanessa and Ralph while they were searching for the marked Apple. The other teams already completed their detours and were on their way to check in with Phil. The teams finished this leg in the following order: Rachel and Dave, Art and J. J., not bad for a team who could not compete with the Fast Forward, Bopper and Mark, Brenchel, and Nary and Jamie.

Team Divorcees were almost eliminated this week because their cab driver had no idea where the pit-stop was located. Joey and Danny caught up with Vanessa and Ralph and quickly found their marked Apple.  It was a race to the finish line. Danny foreshadowed himself and Joey losing last night because Joey wanted to say hi to the other team; Vanessa & Ralph. Joey and Danny took a risk which failed miserably, making them the team eliminated last night.

The racers had to scrape crude oil off a bather, tell us, what would you do for a million dollars? ‘The Amazing Race’  returns all-new in two weeks, in Africa! Until then race fans!

According to the preview, there is going to be DRAMA. Click here for the preview.

“The Amazing Race” airs Sundays on CBS at 8 EST.


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