Manono, The Idiot Gang! ‘Survivor: One World’ ep. 5 RECAP!

This episode of ‘Survivor’ was not as intense as the last episode. However, both tribes were in for a big surprise because a lot of things changed. The changes began at the beginning of the reward challenge. Both tribes were informed that they will be switching tribes. Everyone was surprised. Colton was shocked! He liked the way things were because he had all the men wrapped around his finger. The way it worked was everyone picked and smashed an egg on their body. The color inside the egg determined what tribe he/she will become a member of.

The yellow color symbolized Manono and the blue color symbolized Salani. Sabrina, Michael, Kim, Kat, Jay, Chelsea and Troy are the new members of the Salani Tribe while Leif, Colton, Alicia, Monica, Jonas, Christina and Tarzan are the new members of the Manono Tribe. Colton was surprised about the members of his tribe.  Obviously, he whined about it publicly at the expense of insulting the members of his tribe. Typical Colton. Smh. The reward for this challenge was Bread, Peanut Butter, Coffee, Sugar and other stuffs. The most important reward for the winning tribe was the right to stay on that side of the Island. The losing tribe had to pack their bags and move to a new home on the other side of the island. The losing tribe had to build their new home from scratch! To cut the long story short, Salani tribe  won, while the Manono tribe went to build a new home.

Once the Manono tribe got to the other side of the Island, they commenced on building their new home. While everyone was participating and helping to build the house, Colton sat and watched others do the work. After a while of sitting, he went and talked to each member of his tribe privately. He basically told them everything they wanted to hear. I was surprised about the meeting between Colton and Alicia because I taught they were going to bump heads. Alicia has a strong personality but somehow Colton managed to tame her. He asked her if she will agree to vote Monica out and she agreed.

The immunity challenge came by and the theme was score the ball in the net. Easy, right? Nope. This challenge was played in water. The funny moment of this challenge for me was when Colton was shoved under the water because he refused to release the ball. That’s what he gets for being mean. Lol! The Salani tribe won once again.

When the Manono tribe got back to their camp, Colton started campaigning immediately to get Monica voted off the Island. Because Monica and Christina were close, Colton told both of them that they were voting off Tarzan. Colton did not want Christina and Monica suspicious of  his plan to evict Monica. Monica also asked Colton who they were voting off the Island. He told her Tarzan, she did not know Tarzan was the pawn and she was the main target.

The Manono tribe arrived at the tribal council. It was not as crazy as last time. Before everyone voted, a few people expressed their opinions about Monica. They said she was a huge competitor and a threat. I don’t think she knew at that time that those statements and comments were  hints that she was going home. Colton sent another tribe member packing once again. This guy is such a good player but his attitude stinks!

Find out tonight if anyone steps up to Colton, until then I leave with the preview.

“Survivor: One World” airs Wednesdays, on CBS at 8/7c.


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