‘The Amazing Race.’ Bavaria, Germany. Season 20 ep. 5

Bopper and Mark were the comeback team this leg of the race. They aced their Speed Bump and checked in with Steve before a couple of teams. This leg of the race involved the Travelocity Gnome.

The teams traveled to Bavaria, Germany via Austria. Art and J.J. departed first since they won the last leg of the race. Each team picked up a Travelocity Gnome. The next clue was a Detour, the teams could either choose Fairy Tale or Champion Male. Fairy Tale, the teams had to follow a trail of Gingerbread, pick some Gingerbread as they make their way to a Witch’s cottage. They also had to complete the roof of the Gingerbread’s house and decorate it. While Champion Male, the teams were required to style a male’s beard with hair products to match a winning look. The Art & J.J., Rachel & Dave, Joey & Danny, Vanessa & Ralph, Nary & Jamie chose Champion Male task, while Mark & Bopper, Rachel & Brendon, and Kerri & Stacey chose the Fairy Tale Detour.

But before the Cowboys could complete their Detour they had to perform their Speed Bump task. A team incurs a Speed Bump if they were the last team to check in Steve during a non-elimination leg. The Speed Bump challenge was Yodel. Mark and Bopper were required to yodel a tune like the locals. Mark ans Bopper did not exactly “Yodel” like the locals did, but the Yodel master gave them their next clue.

The next clue instructed the teams to find a Castle (Neuschwanstein) which  inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, and find their next clue in King Ludwig II’s bedroom, which was a Roadblock. Four teams -the married couple, federal agents, best friends, and the cousins- all went to the wrong neighboring castle.  This Roadblock instructed the teams to drive to an ice-hockey rink and curling arena where a team member was to complete a curl challenge with their Travelocity Gnome. J.J., Danny, Ralph, Nary, Brendon, Rachel, Kerri and Mark performed this challenge for their respective teams.

Art & J.J. were the first team to finish the Roadblock task, which made them they first team to check in with Phil in a dairy Farm (winning them a trip to Thailand). Most teams had some difficulty completing this task, while some completed the Roadblock in a couple of minutes. Nary & Jamie were the last team at the Ice-hockey rink, but they were not the team eliminated this week. Kerri & Stacey were the team eliminated this week, the cousins had a little difficulty navigating their way to the Pit-Stop.  The teams finished this leg in the following order: Art & J.J., Joey & Danny, Vanessa & Ralph, Rachel & Dave, Brendon & Rachel, Bopper & Mark and Nary & Jamie.

Art and J.J. have been the winning team three times in row. Will another team disrupt their winning streak? Find out next week.


I do not have much to rant about this week. It was actually a friendly race. The bickering couple this week was Vanessa and Ralph. At least she did not break down like Rachel did last week. Of course I was wrong, the next destination was not exotic, but it was a fun destination. You would think curling would be easy. Wrong! I will miss the cousins, they were fun. ‘The Amazing Race’ is brand new next Sun., until then TAR fans!

“The Amazing Race” airs Sundays on CBS at 8 EST.


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