Will Is Back? Katlin Pregnant? Peter & Sex?!? ‘The Good Wife;’ Season 3, ep. 17 recap.

The last episode of  ‘The Good Wife’ had a lot going on at certain scenes. I had to really pay attention because everything happened so fast. I taught I was going to lose track. I mean, first Alicia was dealing with the case, then the kids called, then she called Diane, then she called Katlin, Eli was on the phone, Kalinda was asking questions and all this happened at one once! I was like OMG! But anyways, the case Alicia was dealing with involved Mr. Colin Sweeney (yes, the annoying and sarcastic man who was accused of killing his wife in a earlier episode) and a company called Herald Equity. Alicia, Mr Sweeney’s lawyer, and Eli accompanied him (Sweeney) to a conference. While Mr Sweeney was on stage talking, an ex female employee of Sweeney’s interrupted him by saying  he sexually harassed her and that the product was the child she was holding in her arms. Of course, Sweeney denied having sexual intercourse with her.

On the other side of town, Peter asked Cary to find out which of his co-workers had sex in his (Peter) office. EWWW! Maybe Cary should first start with himself  since he is the king and expert in sleeping with co-workers. Back at the firm, Will was now allowed to stay in his office and update his cases with other lawyers  who were handling these cases. He cannot however help them with the case or practice law. I have a feeling he is going to break these rules because Will and rules don’t go together. But I could be wrong!

The Paternity test came back POSITIVE. Sweeney IS the father. Somewhere along the line, Mr Sweeney and his baby’s mother called a truce. Sweeney decided to have a family with his baby mama and son. Lord help that little boy because he will need it!

Cary found out his co-workers that had sex in Peter’s office. Apparently, it was a gay couple, who decided to experiment their skills on Peter’s sofa. Peter fired them. Cary confessed to Peter that he had slept with a co-worker in the past. However, Peter did not punish him. He  told him not to repeat it again. But Cary insisted that he should be punished or else he and Peter were going to lose some  respect around the office since everyone already knows Cary’s sexual affair with his co-worker.


Big Highlights!

Alicia was threatened by Katlin’s working skills because she was stepping up her game tremendously and Diane was noticing her hard work a lot.

Katlin is resigning from the firm because she is in love, pregnant and getting married.

Alicia got emotional when she visited her old house. It was up for sale.

Alicia is looking for a new place!

Take a look at the next episode of “The Good Wife”:

“The Good Wife” airs Sundays on CBS at 9 p.m. EST.


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