‘The Amazing Race;’ Turin, Italy. Season 20, ep. 4 recap.

The Amazing Race: S20E04: 'Taste Your Salami'

On this episode of “The Amazing Race,” there were a lot of meltdowns. The ‘married couple,’ and the ‘Big Brother couple’ were arguing a lot during this leg of the race. This episode was a roller coaster emotional ride. Art and J.J. departed first at 5:10 p.m. because they were the first team to check in with Steve. The clue instructed the teams to book a flight to Turin, Italy. The Cowboys were not on the same flight as the other teams because they did not book their flight through a travel agent.

Every team was on the same flight except for the Cowboys, putting them an hour and fifteen minutes behind the other teams.  Upon arriving in Turin, the teams were having problems driving in Italy. The “cousins” were left because Kerri could not drive a stick. The next clue was either a Fast Forward or Roadblock. The Fast Forward ‘Land a Helicopter on a Building’ task instructed the teams to land a helicopter on a helmet pad. This task will allow the team that completes this task to skip the rest of the tasks and go directly to the next pit stop. Art and J.J. were the first team to receive the clue so they chose the Fast Forward task. J.J. wore the helmet while Art landed the helicopter on J.J.’s helmet. Art hard a bit of difficulty with this challenge.

While the other teams chose the Roadblock clue. The Roadblock ‘Rappel’ task instructed the teams to “rappel” down the building and get their next clue. The challenge of this task was to ” rappel” down the building in two minutes if the team cannot complete the task under two minutes, the team has to run up the building, and attempt the Roadblock challenge again. Being a Combat Pilot, Dave wanted the Fast Forward task but Rachel, his wife was against it, saying Art and J.J. were already doing the task or are probably done with the task. Rachel, Joey, Rachel, Vanessa, Jamie, Stacey, and Bopper completed the Roadblock for their respective teams. However, Vanessa and Jamie did not get their next clue under two minutes so they had to do the task twice.

Brenchel, Rachel and Brendon were in first place with the “Jersey boys,” Joey and Danny close on their heels. The next clue instructed the teams to park their Ford Focus using the Ford Focus active park feature and look for their next clue in a Museum. Brendon and Rachel fought so much that they lost their lead start. The next clue was a penny, the teams were to find the building on the penny, ride the elevator to the top of the building and find their next clue.

Finally, Art and J.J. accomplished their Fast Forward task and got their last clue of this leg of the race. The clue instructed the “Border Patrols” to find their next pit-stop, making them the team in first place. Meanwhile, Bopper and Mark landed in Turin, Italy while the “cousins” Kerri and Stacey arrived at the Roadblock task. Stacey conquered her fear of height again, she completed the roadblock challenge with ease.  Brendon and Rachel were still arguing putting them in sixth place. Art and J.J. were the first team to finish this leg of the race, while Bopper and Mark were performing their Roadblock task.

The next clue was a Detour. The teams could either choose “Clean Statue” or “Name Salami.” “Clean Statue” the teams were required to clean a statue with the supplies given to them. While “Name Salami” the teams were required to taste fourteen salamis and travel half a mile to a vendor and find each Salamis. Every team except for Brendon and Rachel chose the “Clean Statue.” Rachel and Dave,  the second team to check in with Phil, while “Jersey Boys” came in 3rd, Vanessa and Ralph in fourth place, Nary and Jamie in fifth place.

Kerri and Stacey caught with Brendon and Rachel because the “Big Brother couple” wasted a lot of  time arguing. Brendon and Rachel got their act together and finished the Detour checking with Steve in sixth place, while Kerri and Stacey checked in seventh place. The “best friends” were the last team to finish this leg of the race. 😦 They thought they were eliminated, but it was a non elimination leg so the Cowboys are still in the game.  🙂 So eight teams are still in the race.


The “border patrols” gave Bopper the ten thousand they won this leg of the race to help his daughter. That was a very sweet.  It seem the Rachels had some trouble communicating with their partners this week. Rachel and Dave have a great communication issue, I thought they might quit the race for a minute. I get where Dave is coming from, he a Combat Pilot so he probably could have completed the Fast Forward with ease. The “married couple” do not listen to each other,  that could be a problem in a long run.

Oh Rachel! Rachel and Brendon, the “Big Brother couple.” Rachel was having one of her many breakdowns. I guess I’m used to it, having watched “Big Brother.” I’m pretty sure Rachel may break down a couple more times before the race is over. The funny lines of the night were, “We are going somewhere tropical” & “I know a little Italy, Italy is the only Italy I know.” Mark and Bopper always crack me up. Why is Vanessa always hating on Rachel’s outfit tho? Lmao! Brendon called the “dating divorcees” ‘the ogre and the trifling hoe.’ These teams definitely do not like each other. The battle line have been drawn. The teams i’m rooting for are: Brenchel, the “federal agents,” and the “Cowboys.” What team/teams are you rooting for?”Were you surprised at Rachel’s meltdown or the lack of communication between the “married couple?”

I think the next leg will be challenging and will be somewhere different and exotic, until next Sunday then.

“The Amazing Race” airs Sundays on CBS at 8 EST.


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