‘The Good Wife’ Season 3 ep. 16 recap: After The Fall

I know I skipped an episode and I’m late for posting the recap of the last episode. To sum up the second to the last episode in one sentence: Will was suspended for six months because of the forty-five thousand dollars he took from a client fifteen years ago. Now last episode’s theme was attaining power. While Alicia was busy solving the case of a woman who jumped off the cliff and committed suicide while filming a documentary, Will was home writing a book and enjoying his suspension with his sisters. Meanwhile, back at the firm, a couple of people like Julius, David Lee and even Eli were already asking for Will’s position. Will has not been gone for a month and his position is already up for grabs.

On the other side of town, Peter Florrick was busy trying to further his campaign for governor. He met with Dayna Brazil. Peter tried to convince Dayna that she should give him the keynote but she wasn’t buying his argument. Dayna informed Eli that she called around to ask about Peter but she didn’t hear anything positive from anyone, including his supporters. After Peter and Eli left, Eli immediately made a lot of phone calls on behalf of Peter and his campaign.

During the ongoing trial, Alicia asked her assistant, Katlin to cross-examine the witness in court. Diane walked into the courtroom just in time to watch Katlin cross-examine the witness. From the look on Diane’s face, it seemed like she was impressed with what she saw. Diane asked Katlin to meet with her afterwards.

After Eli finished making the phone calls, he met with one of Peter’s old friend, Hawthorn Baker, from his past. Baker told Eli that if he wants to hear good things about Peter, Eli needs to get him a job at the state attorney’s office (Peter’s office). Eli met with Peter and told him that there is a possibility he might not get the keynote. He further explained to Peter that the only way he could get the keynote was to hire Baker and the rest will be taking care of. At first, Peter didn’t want to do it because it was against his policy but when Eli put on his ‘I’m going to drop you as a client’ face, Peter had no choice but to say yes. Peter informed Cary to make room for Baker AKA fire or demote the person who currently holds the position.


Alicia told David Lee she no longer needed him as her divorce lawyer

Julius wants Eli’s vote of taking Will’s place

Katlin was promoted to litigator and Diane wants Alicia to share her secretary with Katlin

Will’s sisters tried to set him on a date with Kalinda (lol) and

After a week of suspension, Will decided to visit the firm thanks to his sisters who are driving him knots at home.

Take a look at the preview of the next episode below.

“The Good Wife” airs Sundays on CBS at 9 p.m. EST. 


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