The Men Won & Went To Tribal Council? What The Hell Happened?!? ‘Survivor: One World’ Ep. 4 Recap.

This episode of “Survivor” will go down in “Survivor” history as one of the craziest episode ever. Where shall I begin? Ok, a couple of highlights were: the women won the reward challenge and won a tarp thanks to Monica. Although, due to Alicia and Chelsea performing very poorly on a single puzzle even though they looked at the model of the mens puzzle during the immunity challenge, the men still won the immunity challenge with a huge lead. And Sabrina told Kim that she wanted Alicia sent home because she was a verbal liability.

Now let’s get down to the juicy part. The craziness started when Leif told Bill that he was suppose to be the one going home at the last tribal council instead of Matt and that he was next on the chopping block. While this conversation was going on, Micheal saw Leif talking to Bill and quickly went to tell Colton. Yeah, yeah. Micheal was a snitch but he was trying to save his ass from getting voted off by shifting any target that he had on his back to someone else. Colton asked Leif if he told Bill that he was going to get voted out next. At first Leif denied it but later, he confessed. Like Colton said, Leif is just stupid. Colton told Leif that he just sealed his own faith.

After the immunity challenge, everyone on the men’s tribe including Leif and Bill were relived that they did not have to go to tribal council. While Colton was enjoying the nice sunny afternoon, Bill went to meet Colton and demanded to have a talk with him. Colton and his divalicious self did not want to talk to Bill because he hated Bill and wanted him gone. Bill refused to leave Colton alone. This striked Colton’s nerve and he asked that the men’s tribe go to tribal council. Before making the final decision on whether they wanted to go to tribal council, Tarzan gave this crazy speech about how Leif betrayed the group and they all wanted him sent home. Bill was relived that someone else aside from him had a huge target on their back. But what Bill did not know was that Leif was just a decoy and he (Bill) was the prey whom everyone was planning to veto off the island. Everyone voted to go to tribal council and this action saved the women from losing a tribe member.

Tribal council was interesting. Almost everyone was upset about what Leif did. And then suddenly, the conversation went sour. Colton started judging Bill about his personal life. This was where I lost all respect for Colton. He said that Bill needs to get a real job because being a stand-up comedian is not a real job, and he hates him. And then the conversation got even worse when Colton was asked if his conflict with Bill was a race issue. He said no, and he said he had a couple of friends who were black (Bill is black). But when he was asked to name his black friends, he mentioned his househelp!!! I mean how rude can Colton get. That was such a racist comment. Colton could have said he did not have any black friends but his Alabama Republican country ass self had to say something like that. I’m glad that Bill kept it together and did not physically do anything to Colton. If I was the one, I would have kicked his ass, African style. During Bill’s time on “Survivor,” he accepted Colton for who he was (homosexual) but Colton got too personal and had his puppets eliminate his own problem as oppose to the team’s problem. Bill was blindsided and his torch was turned off.

To find out if Colton pulls off another risky stunt, tune in same time, same day, only on CBS for more on “Survivor”!

“Survivor: One World” airs Wednesdays, on CBS at 8/7c.


2 thoughts on “The Men Won & Went To Tribal Council? What The Hell Happened?!? ‘Survivor: One World’ Ep. 4 Recap.”

  1. Collectively, the men’s tribe is a bunch of shameless patsies. They let Colton go on his 1930s plantation rampage and never uttered a word in defense of Bill. At least out of courtesy, someone from that tribe should have excoriated Colton for being rude and racist. This is what CBS has come to…..Throwing somebody totally under the bus in the name of ratings. What happened in that episode was inexcusable. You don’t allow such racist vitriol to fester without at least telling Colton that what he did was totally and completely out of order. This is public TV. There is at least a minimum standard of conduct.

    Of course, that old fool, Tarzan, goes on a completely useless, self-serving rampage about “I am sick of talking about race.” If that is the case, have the gumption to call Colton out, you spineless, gutless, jack***

    1. I totally agree. There are some things that should not be said and Colton crossed the line. When Tarzan started his speech about race, i taught he was going to defend Bill but i guess he was scared of Colton. Such a sissy!

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