The Women Won Their First Challenge!!! ‘Survivor: One World’ Ep. 3 Recap!

 This week on Survivor was filled with emotions. It started off when the storm decided to say hello; the girls were mostly affected by the storm because they did not have a tarp. Chelsea was grumpy and cold and she broke down in tears. The storm spent the night with the girls and was gone by morning. The next day, some of the girls decided to go over to the guys tribe to get fire and to dry themselves. for some reason, both genders ended the conversation with the guys wanting to make a deal with the girls due to the fact that the girls were taking from the guys. It was like a trade without barter and the guys do not believe in handout. The only thing that Chelsea understood from the conversation was that the guys were bitching at her. Really? What did she expect them to do? Always open doors for the girls to take advantage of without a price? Think again!

The reward challenge was all about testing memorization skills. Basically, both teams had to look at how certain items are placed on a display and arrange them precisely at their station. the trick of the challenge: the display was not shown throughout the entire challenge. If the player is satisfied with looking at the display, he or she can close the curtain of the display even if the other player has not finished looking at the display. The reward fo the challenge was a canoe and fishing materials. Needless to say, the girls won the challenge and the reward.

The immunity challenge depended on the right caller and attentive ears of those who were blindfolded. It started off with the men having a huge lead over the women but the women brought their ‘A’ game and snatched their first win with a huge comeback. This secured the women and threw the men into the frying pan named tribal council. When the guys returned to their camp, Colton immediately called for a meeting with his alliance and asked that they all vote for Bill to go home because he just does not like Bill. Some of them wanted Matt to go home. During their meeting, Jay walked over to listen to their conversation. While they were talking about evicting Matt, he walks over. Awkward!!! Matt pulled Tarzan away to talk with him about his crazy scheme which Tarzan was not buying at all. Tarzan told Colton about Matt’s scheme and lets just say, that sealed Matt’s faith.

The men’s tribal council was not as crazy as the women’s tribal council. For some reason, Bill looked and talked like he was high because he was smiling sooo hard.

Who went home? The over-confident Matt and I agree with the vote. Matt was a strong competitor that could have caused some serious mind game authoritarian damage to the team. I admit it would have been juicy to watch but crazy for his tribe. Guess who orchestrated the plan to send matt home? Colton!

To find out if Colton seals another member’s faith, tune in next week, same time and same day for more on “Survivor.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.


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