‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 8 Ep. 15 Recap: ‘Have You Seen Me Lately?’

‘Have You Seen Me Lately?’

I was hesitant to watch this episode, because it was going to be crossover episode with Private Practice. I thought it was going to lean more to the Private Practice side (as the preview led me to believe), but when I watched the episode, there was only one cast from Private Practice 🙂

The episode started with Christina and Owen’s counselling session which I thought was unnecessary, because their issues were very obvious even to them, but they had been covering it up (unconsciously) until it finally blew up in their faces. Owen knew the type of person Christina was, she would always pick being a surgeon over everything else, not even a baby and she made that very clear. He kept hoping that maybe one day he would change her mind, but that wasn’t the case. She was pregnant with his baby and she insisted on getting rid of it. After much hesitation and arguments, he agreed with her decision. Ok! At this point you would think he already accepted the situation (no baby for him, at least not from Christina), but every little quarrel they’ve had since then had always been linked to the baby issue. They never sat down to discuss even after the incident, they just pretended it never happened. They are not on the same page, they are not even reading the same book. 

Derek’s Sister, Amelia was the guest from Private Practice, she came to practice a procedure for a very dangerous surgery. She was a recovering addict, which makes the situation complicated, She was still seen as fragile by Derek. As we all know how Lexie loves to pry sometimes, She was very useful in convincing Derek to come on board with Amelia.

But I have to say this…What is with the gross surgeries or cases that they’ve had lately?! Ummm…remember it is should be more about the doctors lives than the surgeries. C’mon! A man’s hand in a meat grinder?! I know the writer was trying to be creative, but let’s not make it a horror show. Thanks!

Oh…how can I forget how Bailey was Kicked out of the Operating Room by Avery?!….Yes! Avery, a fifth year kicking out an Attending and of all people…Miranda Bailey! Bailey really cares for her patients and she doesn’t want to see them worse, but she really wasn’t helping the situation by freaking out while they performed the surgery.

The Highlight of the episode: The fifth years were preparing for the oral boards (an exam or evaluation…you know…medical stuff). So everyone had a study buddy; Avery and Kepner, Meredith and Christina, or so she (Mer) thought, but Christina had other pressing issues at hand. Alex decided to use an intern, Morgan, She quizzes him as he works on his patients, but unknowing to Alex (Only Alex in the entire hospital) she was 24 weeks pregnant. She got a heart attack while quizzing him and she had to go through surgery and her baby was affected. He felt really guilty because he wasn’t aware of her condition, he didn’t even know her name. LOL! That is so Alex of him!!! At the end of the day he wasn’t a jerk, he stayed by bedside until she woke up and he knew more about now than he did at the beginning of the episode.

Overall…it’s wasn’t a bad episode, but I believe they can do better. They need to end the series with a bang…they owe the viewers  that much! #justsaying

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thurs. at 9/8c on ABC.


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