‘The Amazing Race;’ Asuncion, Paraguay. Season 20, ep. 3 recap!

On this week episode of “The Amazing Race,” Rachel and Dave were the first team to receive the first clue this leg of the race, since they were the first team to check in with Phil last week. The clue instructed them to travel to Asunción, Paraguay. The second team to leave was Art and J.J. The first two teams tried to get on standby so they could arrive in Paraguay a couple of hours earlier than the other teams. While the first two teams were waiting for standby, the other teams arrived at the airport. The travel agent informs Art, J.J., Rachel, & Dave that only eight people can get on the standby flight. The teams on the first flight were the “married couple,” “border patrols,” “federal agents,” and “friends (Mark and Bopper).”

The remaining teams boarded the second flight to Paraguay. The next clue was a Detour. The teams could either choose “Stacked Up” or “Strung Out.” ‘Stacked Up,” The teams are required to go the largest fruit market in Paraguay, find a marked  truck full of Watermelons and create a 10 by 10 Watermelon pyramid. While the “Strung Out” Detour required the teams to attached 36 strings to a harp, and if their instrument is rightly tuned, they will receive their next clue. All the teams on the first flight decided to go with “Stacked Up.” The “Border Patrols” conquered the challenge right on the first try, putting them in the lead. Meanwhile, the other teams’ Watermelons fell a couple of times, so everyone decided to switch detours. Meanwhile, the “married couple,” Rachel & Dave argue about using their Express Pass – a pass that allows them to skip a challenge because they won the first leg of the race.

The next clue handed to the “Border Patrols” was a Roadblock clue, “Bottle Dance.” The Roadblock requires a teammate of every team to dance like the locals with a bottle on his or her head. If a team breaks all the bottles given to them, the team will incur a two-hour penalty. Art tackles the Roadblock with grace for the “Border Patrols” putting them in first place once again. Meanwhile, “Brenchel” were the first team on the second flight to make their way to the local market. Although, they decided to switch Detours because Rachel was uncomfortable.

The next clue instructed Art & J.J. to walk to the next pit, a few blocks away from the Roadblock challenge. They were the first team to check in with Phil this week. The “married couple” decides to use their Express Pass without even trying to do the Detour because the teams on the second flight caught up with them. Rachel and Brendon finished the “Strung Out” Detour, putting them in 3rd place, while the other teams struggle with the “Strung Out” Detour. Dave could not balance any of the bottles on his head, incurring his team a two-hour penalty, while Vanessa & Ralph, and Joey & Danny opt for the “Stacked Up” Detour.

The “Jersey Boys” finish the Detour while the “Dating Divorcees” struggle with their Watermelon pyramid. Rachel, Bopper, Joey, Nary, Cherie do the Roadblock challenge. Finishing the Roadblock task, Brendon and Rachel in 2nd place to check in with Phil, while “Jersey Boys” in 3rd place, “Federal agents” in 4th place, Mark & Bopper in 5th place, Rachel and Dave in 6th place, and the “cousins” in 7th place. The two teams left to check in with Steve were the “twins” and the “dating divorcees,” they both wanted to switch Detours at some point but decided against it. The “Twins” finish the Detour first while Vanessa and Ralph still struggled with the Watermelons. The “dating divorcees” finally caught up with the “twins” at the Roadblock challenge. However, Ralph finishes the Roadblock task before Elliot does making the “twins” the team eliminated this week.


The funny line tonight was: Mark, “ride it like you stole it, baby.” He cracks me up all the time. 🙂 J.J. needs a chill pill. He needs to stop criticizing the way the other teams race around the world and just play the game. Finally! We see some backstabbing and strategies. The “Southern friends” “lied” to the “cousins” by telling them the Watermelon Detour was not hard. As the “cousins” said it, “the gloves are off.” Vanessa was trash-talking Rachel which made Rachel & Brendon leave the Watermelon Detour because she was uncomfortable. Rachel finally gave me a bit of her fiery self, “her disgusting smile is painted on like her overdone makeup.” I’m patiently waiting on the cat-fight tho. I find it funny that Rachel & Dave pretty much did not do any task this leg of the race, but wanted to be the first team to check in with Steve. I mean they can’t come first every week, and they pretty much wasted their Express Pass, because they were the sixth team to check in with Steve. I still do not have a favorite team, do you have one? Let me know. Same time next week. Chao!  Click here for the promo.

“The Amazing Race” airs Sundays on CBS at 8 EST.


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