‘Revenge:’ Episode 16 “Scandal” Who Killed Tyler?

Yeah I know, My recap is LATE! I am sorry about that. I missed it when it aired. Ok enough of my excuses…

This week’s episode was something! As I mentioned in last week’s’ recap,  Daniel was arrested for the murder of Tyler. Do you remember what I said I was really curious about last week? If Daniel really understood what Tyler was trying to explain to him about who “Emily” really is and her real motives. Well, it seemed like Daniel was after answers before he was arrested. However, he still maintained that he does not remember exactly what happened leading to the death of Tyler. As you know you can always trust Emily to be GREAT at convincing him that she is being honest with him.


*Jack found the receipt of the wireless electronic transfer in Amanda’s jacket at the back seat of his jeep. He thinks the Graysons sent it to her and know about her whereabouts… Yes, you guessed right, she’s still missing in action.

*Nolan has been working  for Satoshi to protect Emily…Who saw that coming? Because I didn’t

*Charlotte is looking for closure (wants to know about her father and her sister’s life) in the wrong places, pill containers.

*Daniel was denied bail, sometimes it sucks being that wealthy.

*Victoria Grayson seems to blame Amanda…not sure how that makes sense,or maybe it will later.

*Ashley as we know has always being power-hungry. She is still going by it the wrong way...if she continues this way she will end up scarier and more desperate than Victoria Grayson. 

And the best for last…Daniel shot Tyler but did NOT kill him. Satoshi DID! He  finished Tyler even after his plea for help while Daniel was unconscious for a second. Satoshi told Emily he did it in her favor because he was trying to keep her past a secret. Since Emily is aware of this, how do you think the next episode will unfold?  Is she’s going to prove Daniel’s innocence?  And if she does, who is she going to put the blame on? Or better still, is this is a situation she cannot control for once? Share your thoughts with me…


“Revenge” returns Wednesday, April 18 on ABC at 9 p.m. CST.


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