“The Amazing Race;” Buenos Aires, Argentina Season 20, ep. 2 recap.

Rachel & Dave, the “Married couple” departed first at 2:46 am, since they were the first team to check in at the last pit stop. They were closely followed by the “Big Brother” couple, Brendon & Rachel, “Border Patrols” Art & J.J, “Federal Agents” Nary & Jamie, “Dating divorced couple” Vanessa & Ralph, “Twins” Elliot & Andrew, “Cousins” Kerri & Stacy, “Clowns” Dave & Cherie, “Friends” Mark & Bopper and “Friends” Joey & Danny.

The first clue of the episode instructed the teams to drive to Cafayate Town Square and find a the mounted horseman who will hand them their next clue. The mounted horseman comes in at dawn, so the teams caught up with each other. The next clue the teams received was a detour clue, they two options either do the “Boil My Water” task or “Light A Fire” task.

“Boil My Water”, the teams were required to build a solar kitchen, with the guide of a picture, and boil a kettle of water using solar energy and wait until the kettle whistles. While “Light A Fire” on the hand, instructed the teams to gather some clay and firewood by the river bank, load it on a Donkey, and lead it to a local pottery workshop a mile away. Every team except the “Border Patrols” chose the “Boil My Water” detour. The challenges of the “Boil My Water” task was to put together a solar kitchen by using a mere picture and waiting on the sun to boil a kettle of water.

All the teams arrived at their detour locations on time, while Art & J.J. fell behind while trying to find “The Amazing Race” marker that will lead them to  the “Light A Fire” place. Luckily the “Border Patrols” had some help, and were the second team to finished the detour task.  The Southern men were in first place. The next task requested the teams to board a 18 hours bus to Buenos Aires. The bus each team rode depended on the time they arrived at the bus terminal. The teams were divided on three buses. Art & J.J. Brendon & Rachel, Mark & Bopper and Rachel & Dave rode on the first bus while the teams on the second bus were the “Clowns,” “Jersey Boys,” “Dating divorced couple, ” and the “Twins.” That left the “Cousins” and the “Federal Agents” on the last bus to Buenos Aires.

On the way to Buenos Aires the second teams’ bus had a minor difficulty, which made Kerri, Stacy, Nary, and Jamie’s bus the second bus to arrive in Buenos Aires. Although Kerri, Stacy, Nary and Jamie were unaware when one of the buses broke down. Upon arriving at Buenos Aires, Rachel & Dave were the first team to find the next clue at Mercado De Hacienda De Liniers. The next task was a roadblock challenge. The task “Where is the beef?” required a member of each team to count the number of cattle in one of the corrals and calculate the average weight per cattle after an auctioneer yelled out the total weight of the cattle. The calculation had to be completed before the auctioneer move to another corral. The challenges of the roadblock were to calculate the average weight of the cattle without a calculator while the auction was going on.

After a few attempts, the teams realized they could not solve the task by themselves so they worked together. Rachel and J.J partnered up, while “Big Brother” Rachel and Mark worked together. The next clue which was handed to the Rachel and J.J. because they were the first team to finish the roadblock, instructed the teams to hail a taxi to El Gomero, the pit stop for this leg of the race. Once again Rachel and Dave were the first team to arrive at the pit stop, closely followed by the “Border Patrol, southern friends, and Brenchel (Brendon & Rachel).

Immediately as all the teams on the first bus checked in with Phil, the last bus rolled in. Joey and Andrew  solved the roadblock together leaving Dave, the “Married Clowns” in last place.  Dave, a member of the “Clowns” had some difficulty solving the roadblock.  This made the “Clowns” the last team to check in with Phil making them the second team eliminated. The “Federal Agents” lied to their fellow competitors that they are Teachers.


J.J. and Art complain so much, it is annoying. The setback was only twenty minutes.  They eventually made up the time; they need to relax and enjoy their experience. I’m sad to see the “Clowns” leave, they were my underdogs. 😦 The “Cousins” are so adorable, cheering while they checked in with Phil. Rachel, known for crying all the time in the “Big Brother” house and breaking down did not disappoint me this week by having a minor breakdown. Lastly,we have not really seen the “Jersey Boys” thrive in the challenges. It seems like they are at a disadvantage at every task they are required to do.

I still have do not favorite team yet, do you?” The funny lines of the night were “this is the amazing exercise,” “I’m sorry I am just a girl” and “son of a monkey’s uncle.”   Who do you think will come first during the next leg? Am i the only one who predicts a fight between Brendon and the “Border Patrols?” Same time next week, see you then.

“The Amazing Race” airs Sundays on CBS at 8 EST.


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