“The Amazing Race;” Santa Barbara, Argentina season 20, ep. 1 recap.

I finally caught up with “The Amazing Race,” sorry it took so long. The race of course started with Phil saying “travel safe” and “go”. The teams consist of the usual: friends, lovers, married couples, sisters, and cousins. The first clue was hidden in a mini hot balloon. These teams were the first to find the clue: Art and J.J., Brenchel (Rachel and Brendon), Dave & Rachel, Nary & Jamie, Elliot & Andrew and Vanessa & Ralph. The first six teams were on an earlier flight to Santa Barbara, Argentina, while the remaining teams were on a later flight. The southern friends and the sisters had some difficulty finding their first clue. It took the sisters (Misa & Maiya) an hour and 44 mins to find their first clue. They made up the time by joining the latter teams: Mark & Bopper, Joey & Danny, David & Cherrie, and Kerri & Stacy on the second fight.

Upon arriving in Santa Barbara, the teams were faced with a road block. One of the teammate was to skydive at 10,000 feet while the other was to find his or her teammate at the destination where they land. Some of the teammates were excited while some were about to shit their pants (J.J). The challenges of this road block were to drive a stick (non automatic gear) in Argentina and to skydive at a 10,ooo feet. A couple of the racers, Danny and Dave had some problems diving a stick. One of the sisters – I can’t remember her name – got stuck in a quick sand while looking for “The Amazing Race” marker. This left the sisters in last place once again.

For the next and last challenge, the teams were asked to make sixty Empanadas filled with cheese and sixty Empanadas filled with meat. The first team to finish the task was Rachel & Dave, and they got the free pass; a pass to skip any task they do not want to participate in the future. Rachel and Brendon came in second, while J.J and Art came third. Joey and Danny had some setback during this task. Danny apparently does not cook, and he kept making the Empanadas incorrectly. Eventually, everyone got the Empanadas task done and checked in with Phil. The sisters (Misa and Maiya) were the first team eliminated. Although Misa & Maiya finished the last task before the “Jersey boys” (Joey and Danny), they could not find Steve to check in and that cost them the race.


J.J complains a lot. I mean what did he expect when he signed up for the show? I love the southern men’s accent, i think its sexy and cute. Mark and Bopper have a lot of energy, I hope it helps them during the race. The reason this show is so great is because people get to face their fears and conquer them. For example, Stacy faced and conquered her fear of height.

The Border Patrols are an interesting team. In my opinion, the SouthernS, Mark and Bopper and the clowns, Dave and Cherie are the underdogs this season. I am surprised Rachel has not broken down yet. Also, I am disappointed that we did not see much of the Federal Agents during this episode. I’m not sure which team I’m rooting for yet. Do you have your favorite team already? Let us know.

Below is the trailer for the next episode. Take a peek.

“The Amazing Race” airs Sundays on CBS at 8 EST.


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