Once Again, The Women Won The Loser Award ‘Survivor: One World’ Ep. 2 Recap!

As soon as the girls came back from tribal council, Alicia and Christina talked about their misunderstanding at tribal council. They both apologized to each other and ‘fakely’ hugged it out, but I do not see them as bff’s in the future. The next day, Sabrina was elected as the group leader. Nina, the oldest woman on the team tried to find somewhere to belong in the group because if you ask me, she looks like an outlier.

The first challenge of the day was that both teams played was to untie a rope. How hard can that be? Well, it had a bunch of  complicated knots. The reward for winners was a tarp. Who won the challenge? The men, of course. The women needed the tarp like ‘a fat kid needs cake’ but they could not win it. When both teams returned to the island, the men immediately used the tarp. During this time, Colton did not do anything to help the men. As a matter of fact, he has not been helping his team at all. COME ON, Colton! I mean, you might not like your team but dude if you do not start interacting and helping, you will be gone the moment you no longer have the power to protect yourself. Colton kept going to the girl’s side of the island and hallelujah, Sabrina finally got irritated by this. Colton pleaded and begged for a shelter with the girls but they rejected him. Later that night, Colton told a couple of guys that he had the immunity idol. Wrong move, Colton, wrong move.

The challenge for the group immunity idol finally came the next day. The challenge’s theme was to maintain balance. Who won? The men AGAIN! The women had no rhythm, no sense of direction and they lacked communication. I guess it is tribal council numero doz, chicas! When the women got back to the island, Kat who performed the worst, immediately showed remorse for her poor actions. Nina, on the other hand, talked to few of the women about evicting Kat.

During tribal council, Nina threw Kat under the bus by saying that she lacks the physical, mental and emotional strength. Kat threw Christina under the bus by saying that she is basically an unwanted weight to the team. It is funny because when Kat wanted to call Christina out, she began her statement with “I don’t want to call anyone out but Christina……” What? Really? Well, you just did. To conclude tonight’s tribal council, Nina surprisingly went home. I taught Kat was going home; 5 days down, many more to go!

To find out if Kat presents crocodile tears to her team as a sign of gratitude for saving her ass, tune in same time, same channel, next Wednesday for more “Survivor!” Chao!


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