Hey There, Wanna Be ‘Repo Man?’ ‘Supernatural’ Recap.

In the last episode of ‘Supernatural’, Sam and Dean were looking for a demon named Marick. Marick is a demon that hunts and kills women. In order to get the name of the demon (Marick), the Winchester brothers performed an exorcism on a guy named Jeffery. While Sam and Dean were busy trying to find Marick, Sam had his own personal issues bothering him. Sam soul room-mate, Lucifer returned! Normally, Sam gets rid of Lucifer by putting pressure on his palm. This action disconnects him from Lucifer. This time, it did not work. When Sam realized that he could not get rid of Lucifer at the moment, he ignored him.

Meanwhile, Jeffery convinced Dean into trusting him and his information about the demon’s (Marick) whereabouts and plans. What Dean did not know was that he was part of the plan to summon the demon that possessed Jeffery. By the time Sam and Lucifer figured out what was going on, Dean was already strapped to a chair in an abandoned building. Jeffery believed that he was at his best when he was possessed. So, Jeffery decided to summon the demon again with a ritual. He killed that poor little cute dog and use its heart, Dean’s blood and an abracadabra spell for the ritual.

When the demon arrived, he arrived in the kid’s – he kidnapped, his friend’s child from school body. Jeffrey was not happy because he wanted the demon to arrive in his body so that he can be possessed again. To cut the long story short, the demon and Jeffery fought, Jeffery got knocked out, Sam arrived and started to fight with the demon, Sam led the demon to a trapped circle, Dean shot Jeffery and, the lady whose son was possessed read a banishing spell.

The case was over but Sam’s problem was not over. Sam could not get rid of Lucifer. Lets just say, “GOOD MORNING VIETNAM”  Your bunk buddy is back Sam!

The next episode has three clues: Angel, Weird voices, and a little child who has no problem stabbing people. Take a look at this preview!

Tune in for the next episode Friday, March 16th at 9pm, only on CW! Chao!


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