‘Survivor: One World’ Season 24 ep. 1 Recap!

The premiere of “Survivor” started off crazy. This season of “Survivor” is different from earlier seasons because the women are battling against the men on one island. The two tribes are the Salani (the women’s tribe) and the Manono (the men’s tribe). The craziness started when Micheal the banker stole an axe and other materials from the women as they unloaded the materials from the vehicle. Colton, the homosexual, was unhappy when he was told that he was going to be on the men’s team. Dude, you should be glad. Their strength can get you further in the game, I think.

When both teams got to the camp, the first thing they did was to go after the Chickens. Did you see how the country girl grabbed those two Chickens?!? I’m from the motherland and I have never in my life tried to grab a Chicken. That was crazy. Poor Chickens. After the women captured the Chickens, they refused to give the men any of the Chickens. Initially, the plan was the team who grabbed most of the Chickens had to share. So, the women came up with different trade by barter proposals such as: our Chicken in exchange for the axe they (the men) stole, or our Chicken in exchange for fire. Some of the guys found humor in this trade by barter talk that they came up with theirs: pole dancing from the women in exchange for fire. Lol! After all that, Colton decided to introduce himself to all the ladies and immediately begged them for the immunity idol if they found it first. Who does that on the first day? Luckily for him, Sabrina found a Manono immunity idol and gave it to Colton. It sucks for her but at least, she made a companion and he gets to last longer on the island. It is a win – win situation for now.

The first challenge had this big net that looked like a big trampoline. It looks fun but it is not that fun when you break your hand like uncoordinated Courtney. Courtney’s hand injury gave the men an option to either take the automatic win because they were already leading in the challenge or finish the challenge. Obviously, the men took the automatic win which the women thought it was a sissy move. The losing team, the women were sent to their first tribal council. The women’s first tribal council was crazy. The price for an all girls group is misunderstandings AKA cat fight! Alicia and Christina got into a verbal fight about how the team got fire. For a second, I taught I was watching the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” but it was the Real Salani Girls of Survivor. These women are very feisty. Anyways, they did not have to send anyone home because Courtney unfortunately left due to her hand injury. This was a crazy first episode. Its only day three and the women’s team is falling apart. Anyways, if you want to see more of these feisty women and not so gentle gentlemen, tune in next Wednesday, 8pm on CBS for more on Survivor.


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