We can all agree that the 2012 Grammys Awards was better than the 2011 Grammys Awards BUT it could have been better. There were some good highlights and there were some bad highlights. Almost everyone looked good on the red  carpet- Rihanna, Katy Perry, Adele, Fergie, Kelly Rowland, J Cole, Adam Levine and many others- while others like Hottie (Lord have mercy) and Nicki Minaj (OMG) looked horrible.

The show started off with a prayer said by the host, LL Cool J for Whitney Houston (R.I.P). And then, the night of music performances and awards commenced. Adele, who was nominated for six grammys, including the song of the year and album of the year went home with all six grammys. And on top of that, she performed ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and she received a standing ovation from the crowd after her performance. Now, thats the way to enter and exit the Grammy building, she deserved it. Other winners like Jayz, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Foo Fighters also received a couple of grammy awards.

But, there were some moments that were uneasy to comprehend at the awards: first, I was shocked that the best new artist award was not given to J Cole. I dont even know the other guy who got the award. Second, the Whitney Houston’s tribute was not enough. Jennifer Hudson sang very well but they could have allowed her to perform at least, three songs. That was not a good way to honor one of the greatest singers of all time. I understand that it was last minute but they had a choice to either give a befitting tribute or not to have any tribute at all.

They chose to have one and it was a ‘2’ (because Jennifer Hudson sang very well) on a scale of one to ten. Third, Nicki Minaj does not know when to stop with all the nonsense. Did she really think that Catholics or Christians in general were going to let her slide with that performance? I THINK NOT! That theme was very inappropriate, smh. Fourth, Rihanna and Coldplay’s voices were just awful. I expected their voices to be as harmonious as a lullaby but I guess I expected too much from them. If I was not a fan of both of them, I would have definitely thought that they are not good singers. But oh well, their voices cant be perfect all the time.

Other performances that were popping were Chris Brown’s two performances, David Guetta’s performance, Foo Fighters’s performance, Taylor Swift’s performance, Kelly Clarkson’s performance and LL Cool J licking his lips’ performance,  lol! But overall, this year’s grammys had more music performances and less awards given on stage which was very entertaining. It was a good show. Hopefully, next year’s grammy is 10 times better than this year. *Fingers Crossed* What do you think?


2 thoughts on “THE 54th GRAMMYS (RECAP)!”

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