“Grey’s Anatomy:” Season 8 Ep.14 Recap “All You Need Is Love”

It’s Valentine’s day at Seattle Grey’s …Everyone’s loving up in and out of the hospital and the accidents multiply, which means more surgeries and late / cancelled dates!  The ER was filled with romantics, including a 10-year-old girl who had an allergic reaction to chocolates from her valentine (they were so cute btw) and a man who was hit by a car while chasing down his frustrated girlfriend who wants him to put a ring on it (if only she had opened those cheap necklaces, she would have found the real treasure a long time ago). Poor dude was only trying to be romantic, but she didn’t get the memo so he ended up dead (sad)! *lesson for the ladies* lol…moving on!

Highlight : Apparently Derek and Mer haven’t been getting any since Zola arrived…sucks for them! lol. jk…but they are hoping for some on Val’s Day. O_O

Cristina hasn’t been getting any either…since the big fight, but he saved her from the wreck so that’s a sign that things are gonna be fine soon! can’t be too sure,  because I really can’t tell what the writers/ producers are thinking these days.

And Alex was so sweet to the kids! Awwwwwwwwwwww! Please, Get him a girl already (a stable one) #justsaying

Avery has been slacking…lol! Dude #GetItTogether!  btw I like his relationship with McSteamy (big brother)…but it’s gonna get awkward soon and we know why! *hint* girl problems

Omg! Does that mean that Lexie and McSteamy are getting back together?! *doing a lil dance* I predict more Zola- Sophia play dates in the future…ermm…if you know what I mean!


As for next week’s episode…it’s a crossover event between Grey’s and Private Practice…ugh, tired of those crossovers (it’s getting old)! besides, it looks like it’s dominated by the Private Practice characters…erm not all Grey’s fans watch Private Practice! #justsaying

Here’s the preview for the next episode!


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